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Third elimination from MasterChef NZ

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Third elimination from MasterChef NZ

Christchurch sisters Fiona Marris and Bronwyn Bijl became the third duo to leave the MasterChef New Zealand kitchen on Monday, 10th February on TV ONE.

In tonight’s episode, the Top 13 duos had one hour to raid fridges from different parts of New Zealand and come up with a spectacular main and dessert dishes.

The fridges were taken from a range of locations, including a Scarfie-style fridge from a flat in Dunedin, a produce-rich fridge from Hawkes Bay, and a fridge belonging to vegetarians.

Fiona and Bronwyn opened their fridge to find it belonged to the vegetarians.

Fifty-four-year-old Bronwyn wasn’t particularly impressed with the contents, which included a half-opened can of chickpeas, a half-opened can of tomatoes and a half-drunk cup of coffee.

MasterChef judge Josh Emett pointed out that there was yeast in the fridge, suggesting the sisters make bread, but Fiona was adamant there wasn’t enough time.

"We’ll do what we can, with the ingredients that we’ve got," she told Josh.

As soon as the clock started, the pair began work on their Spanish-inspired tapas platter, and ice-cream.

They were confident they’d have enough time to complete the challenge, as other contestants around them experimented with flavours such as green pea ice-cream, chilli and coconut sauce, and a broad bean guacamole.

At tasting, the pair served up Spanish-Style Grilled Vegetables with Flatbread, and a Deconstructed Date Ice Cream Cone with Salted Caramel Sauce.

Josh was surprised to see flat bread on the plate, and reminded Fiona that he had suggested they make bread.

He also thought it was the only good thing about the dish.

"I think you could probably do that in about four minutes, couldn’t you?" he said.

The dessert also failed to pass muster.

Fellow judge Simon Gault agreed that the main could be knocked up in a heartbeat.

"I am worried for you today," he told Bronwyn and Fiona, "because I think you’re way better - both of you."

Ray McVinnie was also disappointed with the effort.

"You’ve shown some good technique in your dishes, but you just haven’t made the most of the ingredients you had to work with," he said.

"We were hoping for something Middle Eastern from your fridge, with chickpeas, eggplant, courgette, and dates.

We asked you to show us something different, and it just wasn’t."

In the Bottom Three alongside Glynn and James, and Jennifer and Elizabeth, the sisters braced themselves for the worst.

"You had a bad day," Ray told them, "but sadly, that’s all it takes."

Leaving the MasterChef kitchen, the sisters were disappointed, especially as they thought that their techniques were quite good.

"It’s a competition and we have to respect what the judges say," said Fiona. "But at the end of the day, I’m going home knowing I’m a good cook."

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