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Through The Eyes Of Gen Y

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

If you're reading this at work then no doubt you were born in the 80's or 90's. This means you are Generation Y.  You're a slacker who spends all your time online, your arrogant and condescending to your elders at work and are generally out for yourself. You know what you want and how to get it as quick as possible. You commit only to yourself professionally and there's no doubt you are sexually promiscuous. Well, that's what the 'experts' say.  It's about time one of us and told the truth without all the jealous speculation from older people. They say “we get it too easy” and haven't faced “tough times”. I'll tell you of a “tough time”, that time I had to take the two hour walk home in the rain because I spent all my money at the pub and couldn't afford a cab. My legs were sore for days afterwards.

Welcome to Through The Eyes Of Gen Y. Now, to prove I'm one of us, let me recite my resume. I'm 25, live at home where all my cooking and cleaning is done for me. I save money for big events such as concerts, parties, overseas trips, big weekends and technological appliances that suit my lifestyle at the time. I'll work a job for a short period until I'm bored of it or until I have enough money to move on to the next while taking a break or trip in between. Some of my friends are getting married and having kids while I sit shocked at such an adult concept as I contemplate hitting the uni books and completing that assignment. 

My aim here is not to glamorise our lifestyle as it needs no further glamorisation, but to discuss the joys and difficulties that we face each and every single day. If you are reading this and are not a Gen Yer, I can hear you scoffing and must insist you cease immediately as the new young person in your office is after your job, they can do it better than you and faster than you and soon you'll be answering to them.

Let's begin with the big issues, the global issues that make the news every other day.

The economic crisis. In all honesty I'm not sure what kind of crisis we are currently facing but I am sure that to be a part of this crisis you need to have money and enlist the services of 'financial planners', 'stock brokers' and 'fiscal solution managers'. I enlist none of the above services but am trying to work out if the crisis will affect me and the services such as 'debt collectors' thrust upon me. Its been reported that Mr Obama plans to pump up to AS$1.1trillion into the US economy to save jobs and keep recession at bay. I ain't no book learned economist or nothing but if he plans to do such a thing, won't that make the US dollar worth less than what it is now? It reminds me of that Simpsons episode where the US tried to bail out Cuba with a US$3trillion dollar bill. Will Mr Obama create such a denomination?  

I can't possibly see a way this economic crisis will affect me unless beer, cigarettes, cabs, concert tickets and flights become more expensive. If they become cheaper then bring it on! Recess is in.

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