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Top 10 Reasons To Love Outrageous Fortune

Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Outrageous Fortune has been on TV since 2005. It is New Zealand's longest running drama, with Series 6 being the last season to bring up the 100th episode. I have prepared a westie top 10 reasons to love Outrageous Fortune

10. Great laughs

The show is absolutely hilarious! It has a good Kiwi sense of humour with all of the slang, swearing and carry on. The entertaining story lines have been well written making the West family a laugh a minute with shenanigans galore. It is a very easy show to get hooked into as the characters are well introduced to make you feel part of the family. The funny side of the show is a big credit to New Zealand. 

09. Better than Shortland St

Both TV Shows are produced by South Pacific Pictures. Shortland Street is New Zealand's longest running soap drama (1992-present) and has some similarities to each other. Outrageous Fortune dares go much further than where Shortland Street does. Fans of both shows are very loyal. I feel that Outrageous Fortune has more in common with modern social themes. The big difference is the more adult audience content with all the naughty stuff people like. 

08. West Auckland

Most of the show is filmed in the beautiful city of Waitakere, West Auckland. It really shows how scenic New Zealand really is. It is also very rare that a drama is shot in the same place it is produced. You get a big slice of west side life with the West family and friends. 

07. Beer, Rum + Coke & Weed!

It would be hard to imagine Outrageous Fortune without the use of alcohol and marijuana. New Zealand ranks ninth in the world of Cannabis consumers per capita. So people are familiar with its controversial theme which makes the show strong by pushing the mark of deportment, ethics and behaviour. There is a strong link to booze as there is in Shortland Street. NZ is around 24th in the world in alcohol consumption per capita. The substance abuse really fuels the characters to make it all the more interesting. 

06. Tongue in Cheek

There is a lot of cheekiness surrounding the story of the West Family. It is true that the earlier series were very full on in the sense of sexual and adult themes. There is a lot to be said in the Loyalty that the family has even if there is illegal activities the family is still together. There are some strong family values shown particularly with the diversity of Jethro & Van West. (played by Anthony Starr)  It is like watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at work. Both of them are up to mischief in different suits. I like the way the show is naughty and nice in characters and giving each different loyalties to be naughty.

05. SEX

There are plenty of hot people playing the characters so there is always going to be plenty of sexual encounters! Robyn Malcolm and Anthony Starr who play Cheryl & Jethro/Van West have both won awards as being the sexiest female/male actress and actor. The introduction of new characters has been very successful in the history of the show. It has tone down quite a lot in the last couple of series but there are still very strong sexual themes making the story highly entertaining! 

04. World Famous in New Zealand Bro

Outrageous Fortune is played to seven other countries! (Australia, Canada,  Italy, Ireland and United Kingdom) It is very popular all over New Zealand. There are large billboards in the cities advertising the cult show. It really helps put Aotearoa on the map with how Kiwi it is! 

03. KIWI Music

As soon as I hear Gutter Black by Hello Sailor now I immediately think of Outrageous Fortune. It is the song it opens and closes with. In every episode there is a selection of Kiwi music played by the likes of Opshop, Goldenhorse, Shihad, Fur Patrol, The Brunettes, Voom, The Finn Brothers, Deja Voodoo, Dimmer and Cut Off Your Hands. I think that playing New Zealand music in the show is one of the strongest parts to the success of the show!

02. The Family

The show is set around the chronicles of the West family. The battles to try go straight and stop dodgey dealing in a hard world. You really get drawn into the family's debacles in each series. At the end of Series Five you had a sense of urgency for the new season to start to see what happened. It was a shocking climax which has given a lot of interest to the final season. Watching this family grow up has been very interesting as it feels like they never have. Bringing some characters back in the storyline has kept this show a great success.

01. Cheryl West

It all starts and ends with Cheryl West in my opinion. She is in charge and is the decision maker. I think just about everyone has a soft spot for her character as she is mum. Robyn Malcolm does an exceptional job in portraying one of New Zealand's favourite westies! She is by far someone you do not want to f$%^ with!



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