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The Ultimate Moustache Accessory

Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

(And other important tidbits.)

Sometimes you just need to slack off. Luckily I have done a fair bit of this lately, resulting in the development of a clever little index which can maximise your time wasting. If you´ve already whittled away hours at work watching all the back episodes of Top Gear on You Tube, then I suggest checking out these innovative gems: This amazing site is where I stumbled upon the blessed "Ultimate Moustache Accessory" - amazing. You can actually clip the device onto an assortment of everyday objects (e.g. drink bottles) to look like you have a hilirious moustache. What more could you want? I know this little discovery enriched my lazy Friday afternoon. Not only was I excited to expand my moustache options, but I could also read about "10 foods you´d be embarrassed to buy from the grocery store", "How to (actually) get the girl" and more. With the slogan "We laugh at your misfortune" how could I not find this website appealing? Here I really had the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons, that I doubt I would find elsewhere. For example, the article on "How to safely pick up soap in a prison shower" (complete with clear diagrams) was both interesting and informative. And I cannot stress enough how much, much more this website has to offer. "Because some things can`t be taught" This site`s sort of aimed at guys (hence chicks in bikinis), but I don´t care, I find a picture of a girl with a freakishly long tongue just as interesting as the next person. If you take the time, there is some cool stuff here, which has no doubt been posted by people who are just as good at slacking off as we are (birds of a feather stick together). For example, check out: "By Far the Best Saxphone Movie Moment Ever" (from the awesome 80s vampire mullet movie "The Lost Boys").  Cool stories you´re not likely to see on the news... this site features a collection of news, images and videos that people rate by "digging" - you can read popular news by clicking on the headlines that have the most "diggs" and you can vote on stories you like yourself by awarding a thumbs up. (You can give my blog a thumbs up too, which I highly recommend). This site is a good alternative to check out if the other ones I`ve mentioned so far seem too smutty for your taste. (And they kind of are smutty, but in a good, fun way). ... So I thought I´d save the best for last. If you`re really serious about wasting time and killing braincells on the internet, then go check out my blogs! This is a great way to rack up good karma and expand your horizons.

Have a good week people!


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