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Valentines Day for Singles - A Few Rules . . And A Party Invitation

Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

Valentines Day sounds like fun and romantic, right? But what if you’re single? What if you simply have no-one to “enjoy” the year’s most romantic day with? Then what do you do?

(See our Valentines Day party details below)

Here are five things for singles to do on Valentines Day that might help them celebrate the next year with someone special. I’ve called them “rules”, but they’re really just suggestions to help you make it through Valentines Day alone but far, far better off.

Valentines Rule No. 1 – Do something ‘out of the box’. Go to an event or party that you might not normally attend. Try and push the envelope a little, because not only will you extend yourself – (ie become more interesting), but you also increase your chances of meeting Mr or Miss Right.

Valentines Rule No. 2 - Do something for yourself. Buy that sweater or jacket. Take that walk you always wanted. Sign up for the gym, or cooking course. Make yourself your favourite meal. Do something that makes you feel better and, once again, that extends you.

Valentines Rule No. 3 – Be happy. This is a rule to avoid moping and self-endulgent ‘unhappiness’. It means you will be totally aware of the fact that this is a day about you as much as it is a day for couples. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, because that can be deeply unattractive. This is a day when you’re going to do something that makes you more – not less! – attractive.

Valentines Rule No. 4 - Have a party. It can be a singles-only affair involving a good movies or anything else that celebrates love and romance. Put some fun into it. Make it a “glad-I’m-not-still-with-them” party where you toast the people you’re no long er with – the people who didn’t improve your life. Make it fun.

Valentines Rule No. 5 – Lighten up. Do a little quiet self examination by making a list of three things that YOU think would make you a better, happier, more attractive person. Then focus on a plan to implement them. All of them. These are your private rules for self improvement. Do tangible things that let you accomplish them successfully over the coming 12 months.

That’s all. You have looked at five things that can make a big difference in your life. Remember that there are endless things you can do to make yourself cheerful and better. If you’re single, you can do them to make yourself even happier and more likely to get a partner next year. Unless, of course, you’re entirely happy without one. Either way, you’ll use Valentines Day as an opportunity to make your single life even more worth living than ever.

Special Note for Singles: If you're looking for a party on Valentines Day, come to the Matchcompany Valetines Day party at The Eating House, 101 The Terrace Wellington. Email me at, call on 021 476454 - See details here 

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