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The War Against The Chaser

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

There really should be a national IQ test to determine who and who cannot voice their opinions because everyone who spoke out about the latest Chaser stunt regarding terminally ill children seemed to have missed the point.

Everyone dies but unfortunately some die in their childhood which means these kids will never experience the best of life so they are offered wishes by certain foundations. Some kids wanna go to Disneyland and some want to meet their celebrity heroes like Zac Efron before they die but The Chaser was spot on with this 'Make-A-Realistic-Wish Foundation' skit where the kids weren't granted the outlandish wishes mentioned above but were instead given a stick and a pencil case.

Seriously, if you haven't heard of black comedy then you shouldn't be watching black comedy and satirical shows. So what if a member of The Chaser comedy team says “they're only going to die anyway” regarding terminally ill kids. These comedians have the balls to say what they want when they want. It's true, too. These kids are going to die so why waste everyone's time and money trying to appease them with outlandish wishes. Before you get all disgusted think about this: all kids want to do is play with their friends, go to school and be “normal” like every other kid in the street, so why not give them that opportunity instead? Kids in hospital sit and watch TV all day and lose all sense of reality, they don't go to school and they have very little “normal” peer interaction. 

Take away every outlandish wish like going to Disneyland or meeting a flash in the pan teen idol and offer them a more simple wish then you'll find the next wish will be to go to school and play in the playground with their friends. Kids are simple and when you offer them the world they'll take it and they wont even fully appreciate it because they haven't had to work for it. Every kid has a dream about meeting their idol but why is it only sick kids can have their dream realised while healthy kids can't when they're the ones who will remember it for the rest of their long lives. 

The beauty of The Chaser skit is that they had the balls to say something that is so primal about humanity that floods of political correctness has tried to dilute but never will. Only the strong survive. Those who aren't strong enough die. Young kids who are sick or weak die and are replaced by next in the family. I'm sure no-one was shocked when the beginning of the film 300 explained that retarded and weak kids were killed and sent away because they were pretty much useless to the society. When you grant a terminally ill kid a wish are you really granting their wish or your own. Are you making the child happy or yourself happy?

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