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This Week On TV One

WEEK 13: Saturday 27 March - Friday 2 April 2010

Drama - Sunday Theatre: Occupation, Sunday 28 and Monday 29 March, 8.30pm: From the makers of award-winning dramas, Life On Mars and Spooks, and starring James Nesbitt (Cold Feet), comes the two-part drama Occupation, which traces the lives of three British soldiers from the moment of the invasion of Basra in April 2003 and spans the following five years (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE).

Basra, southern Iraq, 2003. Crammed inside a Warrior armed troop carrier, bullets and RPGs exploding around them, three British soldiers head into a hostile part of the city - and a world descending into chaos. When they emerge from their vehicle, their lives spiral out of control. Their fates - and the destiny of Iraq itself - become inextricably linked and united in war, the three men, and their friendships are torn apart during the peace that follows.

Written by Peter Bowker and inspired by factual research, Occupation is drama that follows the lives of three soldiers and friends - firstly during the battle for Basra, secondly as they struggle to adapt to life back home and, finally, as very different forces draw them back to Iraq.

Filmed in Northern Ireland and Morocco, Occupation is set against the backdrop of the Iraq war, and explores the impact war has on the lives of those who fight, and what happens when cultures collide - not just in war, but in peace.

Award-winning writer Peter Bowker says: "It isn't a message piece in the sense that it can be boiled down to a simple take on the invasion of Iraq and its consequences. It's a story about three men who are united in battle, but are torn apart by the aftermath."

Executive producer Derek Wax says: "Pete has an extraordinary ability to get inside the heads of these characters, and to explore the chaos and madness of this post-war period in Basra. This is a fiercely compelling story spanning the aftermath of the most significant war in recent history, a war that leaves so many huge questions unanswered."

Mike (Nesbitt) Danny (Stephen Graham, Snatch) and Lee (Warren Brown, Shameless) are in Manchester, having participated in the invasion of Basra and helped fly an injured little girl back to the United Kingdom for treatment. Struggling to adjust to life at home, the three decide to return to the chaos of Basra; Danny for the rich financial pickings, Mike for love, and Hibbs because he passionately believes in the mission to rebuild the country and help the Iraqi people.

Back in Basra, business is booming for private military contractors. Danny and Lester seize the chance to make money by winning a contract to rebuild a hospital. Mike tracks down Aliyah, an Iraqi doctor he fell in love with, and hears some surprising information. His marriage soon comes under strain. Hibbs, meanwhile, starts to unravel when he witnesses the murder of a friend.

Part two of Occupation screens Monday 29 March at 8.30 on TV ONE.

Factual - Real Crime: The Truth About Us, Tuesday 30 March, 9.30pm: TV ONE's local Real Crime documentary, The Truth About Us, looks at one of New Zealand's most difficult issues - child abuse (tonight at 9.30pm).

The abuse and murder of three-year-old Nia Glassie shocked New Zealand, and the perpetrators were convicted. But what if there's another story that's been left untold; another truth behind what played out in the weeks and months leading up to that day. Could there be a plausible explanation as to why and how the young men could commit such a crime?

Real Crime: The Truth About Us looks at the Curtis family's background, the father, and his reported links to gangs; the mother and her state of mind - why didn't she act to save Nia from the abuse?; the brothers, were they affected by violence in video games and what were their experiences growing up in that household; while also considering one of the more difficult questions about this case; perhaps a dozen people knew Nia was being abused, so why did nobody raise the alarm?

Looking at ways in which young people affected by family violence might be helped is psychiatric nurse and theatre director, Jim Moriarty. He runs intensive courses for young people, often victims of violence themselves, who have either been witnesses to violence, or are now offenders themselves. These courses use drama and role play to examine the issues, and look at what can be learnt from cases such as Nia Glassie.

Moriarty explains why he uses theatre and role play: "Traditionally theatre was about family, the ensemble, people choosing to work together for a common good outcome."

By combining the best of western theatre metholodgy, with the rituals of encounters from his culture as a Maori, Moriarty says, "essentially we are teaching these children to perform in an appropriate way and not an inappropriate way." Using a strength-based model, he says he wraps enough love around these young people and tries to help them be honest and true, but gives them boundaries, and affirmation.

The documentary also calls on child abuse and family violence experts who believe Kiwis need to unravel the violence in these cases or there will be more Nia Glassies, and more young people capable of this behaviour.

Margaret Evans from Parentline Charity says, "We do have to get to grips with the fact that as a nation, we do have an underbelly of violence and that goes right across all socio-economic groups, as well as all race groups."

Local - MasterChef New Zealand, Wednesday 31 March, 7.30pm: The top six contestants are rudely awakened at the crack of dawn by judges Simon Gault and Ross Burden banging a gong, on MasterChef New Zealand tonight (at 7.30pm on TV ONE).

The reason for their early morning start is soon made clear - the contestants face a team challenge - to cook a seafood barbecue lunch for guest chef Peter Thornley, executive chef of Auckland's Kermadec restaurant, at a mystery location.

First, both teams have $500 to spend on seafood at Auckland's Fish Mart - but their dishes must include a whole fish and crayfish.

After a quick stop at Countdown supermarket to pick up the rest of their supplies, the teams are taken to the mystery location, Villa Maria Estate - a beautiful vineyard setting for a meal to remember.

Here, it is revealed, that they will cook their seafood dishes not in a commercial kitchen as expected, but on barbecues in the winery grounds. Their guest chef for the day, Thornley, is a seafood specialist.

But the biggest twist is yet to come. The judges announce that at the end of today's challenge, not just one person but the entire losing team will be eliminated. As the contestants reel from this news, the judges land the killer blow - a third team will also be taking part in the challenge.

Who are the Black team? What does it mean for the competition? And who will be going home?

Documentary - Real Life: Girl Fights, Wednesday 31 March, 9.30pm: Cage Fighting, also know as Mixed Martial Arts, is one of the world's fastest growing sports. It can be brutal, violent, shocking, some say barbaric, but its popularity is growing.

While men dominate the sport, female fights are now becoming an increasing attraction. "Girl fights are something different. It's like you spend your whole life ordering the same thing off the menu, and then one day, it's like 'oh I'm gonna try something different', that's what girl fights are, something different," says one girl cage-fighter.

Real Life: Girl Fights (tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE) shows the fortunes of two British female fighters as they travel to America for the biggest bouts of their lives. Lisa Higo is a mother of two from Leeds and Rosi Sexton has a degree in maths from Cambridge and a PhD from Manchester. Both women have their own reasons for stepping into the cage, but both are prepared to lay their safety on the line in search of glory.

Although Higo is a devoted mother, leaving her motherly persona behind is an essential part of her role as a fighter. "I don't want to be mum when I'm about to step into a ring, you know, I need to drop them off and switch into a different mindset really," she says. Sexton, like Higo has a real passion for fighting, but it's her studious mind and desire to achieve that drives her in the ring. "As soon as I get word there's a fight coming up, the world looks different, all of a sudden it's got that meaning because you're going to be out there in front of thousands of people with somebody trying to take your head off, so that focuses the mind," she says.

Inside the cage, punching, kneeing, kicking, elbowing and choking are all allowed - in fact, very little isn't. captures fighting at its essence and seeks to understand why women who lead supposedly normal lives, have the desire to put their bodies on the line.

Special - Easter On TV ONE, Friday 2 April, from 6.25am: TV ONE has something for everyone this Easter, starting early with a special performance, Cirque Du Soleil: Kooza, and followed by an Easter edition of Praise Be. Music comes from Goldenhorse In Concert With The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO; dance from The Secret Of The Nutcracker, drama with The Passion; comedy with the Vicar Of Dibley; and the heart-warming movie Pay It Forward.

Praise Be at 8am sees Presbyterian church minister Chris Nichol present songs of worship from congregations around New Zealand as they mark Christ's suffering and death on the cross and his resurrection.

At 8.55am, TV ONE will screen a performance of New Zealand band, Goldenhorse's concert with the NZSO, conducted by Marc Taddei. The brain child of lead Guitarist, Geoff Maddock, and featuring the voice of Kirsten Morrell, Auckland-based Goldenhorse have been composing original Kiwi music for more than a decade.

The Secret Of The Nutcracker is a re-visioning of the classic Nutcracker tale adapted from ETA Hoffmann's novel and the award-winning playwright by John Murrell. Featuring Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy), Helene Joy (An American In Canada), Ryan Grantham (Jumper), and introducing Janelle Jorde. Directed by Eric Till, it features the music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Four dance spectacles, featuring the world famous Alberta Ballet, create the magic of Clara's fantasy dream world woven into this story.

At 11.15am, Joseph Mawle (Persuasion), James Nesbitt (Cold Feet), Paul Nicholls (Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason), Ben Daniels (Cutting It) and Paloma Baeza (Sunshine) star in The Passion, a retelling of the last week in the life of Jesus (Mawle) from three points of view - the religious authorities, the Romans and Jesus himself.

Pay It Forward stars Academy Award-winners Kevin Spacey (American Beauty) and Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets), and Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) in a film about a young boy who decides if he can do three good deeds for someone, and they in turn can 'pay it forward', positive changes can occur.

Good Friday programming includes: 6.25am Kooza - Cirque Du Soleil 8am Praise Be 8.55am Goldenhorse With NZSO Live In Concert 9.45am The Secret Of The Nutcracker 11.15am The Passion 2.15pm The Royal Variety Performance 4.25pm An Audience With Celine Dion 7.30pm Vicar of Dibley Easter Special 8.20pm Pay It Forward Photo: Brian Cox and Janelle Jorde in The Secret Of The Nutcracker. ONE Sport ONE Sport This Week From Saturday 27 March, 3.30pm

ONE Sport coverage this week includes - Saturday 27 March, 3.30pm: ONE Sport Netball: ANZ Championship: Toni Street introduces coverage from today's second round of the ANZ Championship, featuring Central Pulse v Northern Mystics. With commentators Rikki Swannell and Kiri Wills.

Saturday 27 March, 11pm: ONE Sport: IRB Sevens World Series: Coverage from day two of the Hong Kong Sevens, round six of the IRB Sevens World Series.

Sunday 28 March, 1pm: ONE Sport Sailing: Louis Vuitton Trophy: Highlights summary from the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta sailed on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour.

Sunday 28 March, 1.30pm: ONE Sport Football: Road to the 2010 FIFA World Cup: Preview to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa featuring qualifying nations and host preparations.

Sunday 28 March, 2.30pm: ONE Sport Triathlon: Contact Tri TV: Toni Street and Mark Watson review top triathlon action, this week featuring the Contact Cup sprint event in Wanaka.

Sunday 28 March, 3.30pm: ONE Sport Speedway: Midget Cars: Highlights from the New Zealand Midget Car Championships held in Stratford.

Sunday 28 March, 4pm: ONE Sport: Horse Of The Year Show: Coverage from the Kelt Capital Horse of the Year Show, one of the largest and most prestigious annual equestrian events in the southern hemisphere.

Sunday 28 March, 10.20pm: ONE Sport: IRB Sevens World Series: Coverage from day three of the Hong Kong Sevens, round six of the IRB Sevens World Series.

Factual - Relocation Relocation, Saturday 27 March, 7.30pm: Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are back on TV ONE to cut a swathe through the British market maze in a new series of Relocation Relocation (tonight at 7.30pm).

"It's a new year, and it's a whole new property market. Prices are falling, house sales are down and finding a home has never seemed more confusing," says Spencer.

With prices on the decline and the number of houses being bought and sold at rock bottom, it's easy to believe the market is completely dead. But there are still some trail blazers who want to buy that dream new house in order to buy a dream new life.

Although times are tough, Spencer believes home buyers can make the most out of what seems like an impossible situation. "Despite the negative headlines and the scary statistics, thousands of house hunters have been crying out for our help," he says.

Episode one sees Allsopp and Spencer in the sunny South-West of the UK trying to make the property dream come true for Stephanie and Dominic. Having sold their family home in Sussex, the couple, and their seven month old baby, are looking for a house by the sea in North Somerset, and a holiday come rental home in Cornwall.

New mum Stephanie is a woman who speaks her mind - but her vocabulary doesn't stretch as far as the word compromise. Despite the perplexing property market, her expectations are still sky high and they threaten to jeopardise the dream. She's taken charge of building the family nest near Bristol, but with their ambition for a holiday home taking a serious chunk out of their 500K budget, her vision of what they can afford is a million miles from reality.

The second half of the search Dominic has a free rein, or as much of a free rein as Stephanie will allow. Dominic has always dreamed of owning a home in his childhood holiday town of Fowey, Devon. But with this doubling up as a holiday home for the family and a letting opportunity, can he leave his own bias on the doorstep?

Hoping they haven't bitten off more than they can chew, Allsopp and Spencer need to pull out all the stops if they're to find one very demanding couple their family home in Somerset, plus a classy Cornish retreat.

Movie - ONE Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, Saturday 27 March, 8.30pm: Never believe what the media says, or, for that matter, what CMGN reports, the new 24-hour news network media baron Elliot Carver is gearing up to launch. There's no news like bad news, and if Carver has his way, what's brewing in the east is the worst news possible. Nothing gets the world's attention like war.

When a British naval vessel is sunk off the coast of Vietnam, eastern and western officials scramble to piece together what happened. Why would a warship stray into Chinese territorial waters? Why would Chinese MIG jets fire the deadly torpedo, killing all but 17 members of her crew? The answer lies somewhere in Carver's worldwide headquarters in Hamburg. There's only one man capable of finding it and stopping a war created in the name of profit and power. The name is Bond. James Bond.

Actor Pierce Brosnan returns as 007 in tonight's ONE Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies (at 8.30pm on TV ONE). Brosnan is joined by Hong Kong-based action star Michelle Yeoh (Supercop), known to her fans as the female Jackie Chan, who stars as the mysterious Wai Lin, a Bond woman with a distinctly '90s twist; award-winning British stage and screen star Jonathan Pryce (Evita) as the dangerously powerful and politically-incorrect Elliot Carver; and film and television star Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives). Marking his 16th appearance as the legendary and beloved Q, is Desmond Llewelyn, and Dame Judi Dench returns for a second time as MI6's enigmatic M.

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