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This Week On TV2

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This Week On TV2

WEEK 8: Saturday 20 February - Friday 26 February 2010

This week on TV2, Ellen Degeneres is in the judge's seat in American Idol on Saturday at 7.30pm, where the drama of Hollywood week continues.

On Tuesday at 8.30pm, Grey's Anatomy sees Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) faced with a life or death decision when her estranged alcoholic father, Thatcher (Jeff Perry, Prison Break), returns to the hospital with a failed liver. Elsewhere Mark (Eric Dane) tricks Cristina (Sandra Oh) into assisting on an unusual surgery. In FlashForward on Wednesday at 8.30pm, Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and Janis (Christine Woods) travel to Germany to speak with an imprisoned Nazi who claims to have knowledge about the flashfowards, and an anonymous tip leads Demetri (John Cho) to believe his deepest fears about his future.

Local Kids - What Now, Sunday 21 February, 8am: What Now returns for 2010 with a brand new series of games, skits, and a renewed sense of mischief. This year, it's all about having a laugh!

The talented trio of Charlie, Serena and Tumehe are on board once again, with Charlie and Serena doing their best to control the mess and mayhem of the LIVE studio show, while Tumehe hits the road once more for the return of SLAM! - taking the gunge and the guitar to small towns to get them up, active, and messy! Serena is excited to be returning for another run of the hit show. she says, "2010 is definitely going to be the year to have a laugh. I'm looking forward to an exciting new series, games, fun, and also our old favorite - gunge!" Charlie is also eager to get back to the What Now studio this year. "Be prepared for some serious chuckles!" he says. "I'm really excited to be having more funnies, more mess, more games and good times. Be there or be a custard square!" Camilla is also back and embracing her wild side, with a new tree-house in the studio. Camilla's new segments include Gorilla Tactics - where no one is safe from a prank - and The Long Drop, where household items are dropped from massive heights, all in the name of prizes! What Now will also be premiering a new mini-series parody of The Apprentice, featuring some of New Zealand's favourite personalities. Da Apprentice follows the adventures of six celebrity Kiwis - Shortland Street's Virginie Le Brun; model Victoria Williams; hip hopper J Williams; I AM TV's Olly Coddington and Matt and Dayna from Studio 2, as they compete against each other to impress the big man himself Donald Chump (Charlie Panapa). Another new addition to the team this year is the soon-to-be-infamous Teachinator! This wannabe pro-wrestler has only one thing on his mind - defeating every teacher in New Zealand in an exciting new studio game, Knockout. Will the teacher be able to keep their balance as The Teachinator tries to knock them from a platform into the gunge below? Viewers should also tune in for a huge new competition launching during the first episode - so, like the theme song says, wake up, tune in and get ready to go!

Movie - Norbit, Sunday 21 February, 8.30pm: Comedy legend Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor, Shrek) uses his extraordinary talents to bring three diverse and unforgettable characters to life in TV2's Sunday Premiere Movie, the boisterous and ribald comedy, Norbit.

Norbit (Murphy) is a man who was brought up by Mr Wong (Eddie Murphy) at the Golden Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage, and is now married to the horrible Rasputia (Eddie Murphy). Forced to live with Rasputia's dysfunctional family, Norbit is treated with disdain by his brutish brothers-in-law and even more contemptuously by his wife. Such is Norbit's lot, until his world undergoes a dramatic change when his grown-up and beautiful childhood sweetheart, Kate (Thandie Newton, The Pursuit Of Happiness) returns to Boiling Springs. Kate has come back to buy the orphanage from the retiring Mr Wong, but she is being bamboozled. Her seemingly adoring fianc, Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr, American Gangster) is a phoney, who is planning to turn the orphanage into a strip club - The Nipplopolis. With the reawakening of his feelings for Kate, Norbit gains a newfound assertiveness, rejecting the role of downtrodden, exploited milquetoast in favour of the crusading hero. Brothers Eddie and Charles Murphy teamed up to co-write the feature, as Eddie explains. "My brother's been writing scripts for years and years, and he had been working on the 'Chapelle' show so I said, 'Hey, let's write something together. You're this hot writer now. Let's do something.'" Although they had previously teamed up on other projects, the process was not without pressure, as Charlie Murphy recalls. "What made it hard was the fact that I was working with someone of the calibre of Eddie. He's my brother, but he is Eddie Murphy, so it's a high expectation there. I wanted to make sure I did a good job. And Eddie made sure we did a good job." Eddie Murphy was also keen to depart from the family friendly films he had been making and sink his teeth into a more challenging project. "I wanted to do something a little edgy, because I'd been doing a lot of family movies, a lot of stuff with kids like Shrek and Daddy Daycare, which were terribly cute films. People were coming to me and asking, 'Hey, when are you going to do stand-up?' and, 'When are you going to do something that I want to see - an Eddie Murphy movie, something with a little unnnh?' So we said OK, we gave them something a little edgy because that's what they've been waiting on, and that's what I've been wanting to do for a while."

Local Drama - Shortland Street, Weekdays, 7pm: Feelings are questioned on Shortland Street this week, between Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) and Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie). Dr McKay has been an enormous support for Rachel this year, taking her under his wing when she needed it. But is there more to this relationship than meets the eye?

When Rachel confessed to Morgan's (Bonnie Soper) hit and run, most of Ferndale turned against her. If it weren't for Callum looking out for her, who knows what could have happened to her. Angela Bloomfield says Rachel was in an incredibly vulnerable place. "She very easily could have succumbed to her alcoholism. Callum was really there for her though. She owes a lot to his friendship and support." Trying her hardest to get her life back on track, Rachel offers to move out of the McKay's this week, but neither Rachel nor Callum could predict how that would make them feel. "Rachel surprises herself when she realises she doesn't really want to be apart from Callum," says Bloomfield. "These feelings sort of catch her by surprise, as starting up a romance is the last thing on her mind right now." Recognising the evident attraction between the pair, Callum's mother Mona (Judy Rankin) decides to separately confront them about it. "It's hardly surprising Mona brings up Rachel's feelings for Callum, as Mona's such a straight-shooter. But Rachel is surprised she noticed," says Bloomfield. "Not wanting to complicate Callum's life though, Rachel feels certain she should keep her feelings to herself." Bloomfield says it is a pleasure sharing this storyline with Mochrie. "Peter and I have a great working relationship. We both speak the same language in terms of preparation and professionalism. I'm very lucky." Will Rachel and Callum be able to ignore their growing affections? If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Shortland Street will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the 'ondemand' button.

Reality - Supernanny, Monday 22 February, 7.30pm: The world's fiercest nanny, Jo Frost is back and working with her largest family ever, in the new series of Supernanny.

Kadi and Daniel Prescott have seven children, ranging in age from one year to eight, and Kadi is struggling to cope. Feeling lonely and isolated, she loses her temper too frequently with the children, especially with seven-year-old Daniel, who was recently diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Supernanny Jo Frost is determined to re-educate the couple, to help them deal with Daniel in a more effective manner. "These parents just need to know more about their son's condition," the tough-talking nanny says. Another area that needs to change is Kadi's reliance on her eldest daughter, Marli, who is given far more responsibility than the other kids. "This little girl is like a mini-mum," Frost remarks. "And she's just eight years old!" Kadi is thankful for the opportunity to show the supernanny how difficult it is to run a large family. "It's definitely a big thing for me to have Jo see what it is to be the mother of seven children, and do it effectively," Kadi says. "When the kids start to have a 'moment' all at once, it is extremely overwhelming. I just get so frustrated and angry." Underneath the stress of organising a large family every day, Kadi is also suffering from the emotional trauma of her own childhood - her father left her family when she was just 13, and Kadi is still hurt from this experience of abandonment. "She's not enjoying motherhood right now," Frost says, as she attempts to bring some harmony back to the Prescotts' dysfunctional family life. Can she bridge the gap between Kadi's father and the family, and show both parents how to manage Daniel more effectively? If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Supernanny will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the 'ondemand' button.

Local Reality - The Apprentice New Zealand, Tuesday 23 February, 7.30pm: With one contestant gone, the teams get serious about winning the next challenge, and tensions boil over, this week on The Apprentice New Zealand.

After last week's shock departure, the reality of the competition hits home, and the teams are desperate to avoid being in the line of fire. Their next challenge assigned to them by 'The Boss' is to devise a promotion for the launch of a new product from the Dan Carter fronted underwear company, Jockey. Living together now for more than a week, the cracks are beginning to appear, and relationships in both teams are fraught. Tensions spill over into the boardroom - but just who will get fired?

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