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This Week On TVNZ 6

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This Week On TVNZ 6

It's a busy week across at TVNZ 6! We are proud to partner with two important bodies to celebrate growing up in New Zealand and preserving its future.

First up Children's Day on Sunday 7 March, sees events around the country praise and encourage the children of New Zealand. There's a chance to meet some of the TVNZ 6 Giggles characters at Children's Day events in Wellington and Auckland (our website has more details).

Seaweek runs from 7 - 14 March and sees a myriad of events and activities across the country that highlight the fact it is still within our power to create a marine world where big schools of fish can live around our coastline. This week's schedule is brimming with marine-related content, such as Here's The Catch (Sunday at 7pm), Meet The Locals: Seaweek Special (Sunday at 7.30pm), Ocean Adventures (Monday at 7pm) and much more.

Our website contains information on all related events and programming, check it out at


Children's Day

Sunday 7 March

TVNZ 6 marks Children's Day with the launch of all-new episodes of pre-schooler favourites, Giggles and Kidzone.

Giggles, the sketch comedy show for pre-schoolers, designed to provide visual and auditory stimulus, enriches learning through a combination of hilarious sketches, and features a cast of recurring characters in crazy situations.

The new Giggles episodes are designed to provide visual and auditory stimulus that will enrich learning and make children laugh out loud! Audience favourites from series one like the pirate and the naughty fairy will be returning, and there will be new characters including a superhero, cowgirl, horse, and a pair of penguins.

Kidzone's charismatic Kayne Peters is back taking Kiwi kids on a fun journey of learning! He invites pre-schoolers to get up and join in with lots of physical activities and meets children and their families from around New Zealand.

You'll find both these stimulating and exciting shows throughout Kidzone, everyday between 6am - 6pm on TVNZ 6.

Photo: Kidzone's Kayne Peters.


Here's The Catch

Sunday 7 March, 7pm

Here's The Catch asks the question, are Kiwis sitting down to their last meals of fish and chips?

In just a few decades species like snapper and gurnard might disappear from the nation's menu due to over-fishing and habitat destruction. This documentary looks at the battle between those who would exploit and those who seek to conserve New Zealand's declining fish stocks.

If you believe the conservationists, some practices like bottom-trawling should be outlawed because they are causing untold damage to the seabed and driving some species to extinction. But the commercial fishing industry says that its practices are sustainable and provide millions of dollars and thousands of jobs for New Zealand.


Meet The Locals: Seaweek Special

Sunday 7March, 7.30pm

Meet The Locals host Nic Vallance gives a taste of what Seaweek is all about in this half-hour special, opening up our great natural resource.

New Zealand has three times as much ocean to its name as it does land and Nic goes in search of some of the great marine conservation stories up and down the country.

Ironically enough this takes her to Central Otago, about as far inland as you can get. Tune in to see what a pub in Bannockburn has to do with preserving our oceans! She also rubs shoulders with the sometimes abused New Zealand Sea Lion and explores the world-famous and sparkling waters of the Poor Knights marine reserve.

As well as some hot fishing tips, another highlight of the show is Nic's rare encounter with New Zealand's most endangered species - the Maui dolphin. She was lucky enough to track not one but a pod of twenty of these special mammals and this unique footage is the pearl in the oyster of the Meet the Locals Seaweek Special .

Factual Ocean Adventures Monday 8 March, 7pm Ocean Adventures, brand-new to TVNZ 6 uses state-of-the-art technology and commentary by marine scientists and Emmy Award-winning Jean-Michel Cousteau, to explore a thrilling array of natural marine phenomena.

The series looks at territories and ecosystems hundreds of feet beneath the ocean's surface, and comes face to face with the friendly and ferocious inhabitants of the deep. Through Jean-Michel's observations, the series will illuminate the great need for better understanding and sustainable management of the ocean's rich natural treasures.

Tonight's episode gets up close and personal with sharks. Long feared as an object of terror, sharks are gaining a new reputation due to unprecedented observation - yet their numbers are quickly dwindling due to the actions of humans. To better understand shark behaviour and the impact their reputation has had on their survival, the Cousteau team observes gray sharks in French Polynesia and great white sharks in South Africa - unprotected by a shark cage!

Factual Alaska's Great Sea Lion Mystery Tuesday 9 March, 7pm Alaska is famous for amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery, but one of its star animals, the Steller Sea Lion, is mysteriously disappearing in their thousands.

Biologist Shane Moore explores the sea lions' underwater world and visits all the key scientists who are trying to unravel this mystery. Fishermen receive the blame and thousands are suffering hardship because their fishing is closed down - but are they guilty? Other suspects are killer whales, climate change, even the killing of thousands of whales, but maybe the lowly herring is the real cause of the declines.

These shoals of silver fish are at the heart of what is proving to be one of the greatest biological mysteries of our time.

Local Cold Water Warm Blood Wednesday 10 March, 7pm This documentary follows the great upwelling of nutrients from the ocean off the coast of South Island which has produced an environment for the most diverse collection of seals, whales and dolphins anywhere in the world.

The Kaikoura coast is one the most productive stretches of water in the country, and provides a unique opportunity to explore the ecology and evolution of marine mammals in one location. It's the best place in the world to see sperm whales and big numbers of seals come to occupy the shores. Bird species on the Kaikoura coast are plentiful too, and combine with the mammals to exploit the riches of the area in different ways.

And finally man, the newest marine mammal, shares the rich waters. From a rather stormy relationship in the past, when the rulers of the seas were targets of man's harpoons, a more harmonious association now exists. And the sea creatures which once drew attack, are now the hunted of photographers and wildlife watchers from around the world.

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