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This Week On TVNZ 6

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This Week On TVNZ 6

WEEK 15: Saturday 10 April - Friday 16 April 2010

Local - Save Our Home, Saturday 10 April, 7pm: The Kiwi ideal to own our own home is still very affordable despite recessionary woes - Save Our Home will demonstrate how a family, even on the minimum wage, can pay off a mortgage.

Save Our Home's charismatic personal trainers in financial fitness and house owning are coming to the rescue of different struggling Kiwis who are in a home owning predicament.

Tonight, Shane and Leah's knack for looking on the bright side is blinding them to financial disaster ahead as they push on with a home do-up scheme. Can the Save Our Home team wipe off the rose tinted specs and help them face facts before they lose their home?

Drama - Seriously Weird, Monday 12 April, 9pm: TVNZ 6's new series, Seriously Weird, follows fifteen-year-old Harris Pembleton, a distinctly odd kid, now even odder since he was turned into a magnet for everything weird in the universe.

Nobody else at his new American high School wears a jacket and tie, not even the principal, but then Harris is British (his family has just relocated from the UK to Upstate New York) and doesn't care about being different. Nobody else in Grade 10 would dream of tidying up an ancient relic being exhibited at the local museum but 'The Stones of Chaos' offend Harris' sense of symmetry.

Having recently moved from England, Harris tries to fit in at Draper High and his first mission is to secure a date with high school heart throb, Fenella. However, a chance encounter with 'Steve' the god of 'the weird' soon causes havoc for Harris' plans. Cursed with 'the weird' Harris' once orderly life will never be the same.

Factual - Eco Company, Tuesday 13 April, 8.30pm: Eco Company, new to TVNZ 6, is a show hosted by a dynamic and diverse group of teens who combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm for the planet they will inherit.

Tonight, Eco Company visits the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The team explore the rain forest dome and finds out why rain forests are so important to the delicate balance of our world-wide eco system.

We also visit a college dorm where one whole floor is learning how and practising being green. However, they not only live it, but each student completes a sustainability research project. And finally we follow one group of high school students who are getting their hands dirty by cultivating the earth in an organic garden.

Factual - Earth Factor Asia, Friday 16 April, 7.30pm: From Japan to Indonesia, Earth Factor Asia examines and reveals the monumental challenges, and opportunities, created by environmental issues.

The series is a journey of culture and science to discover how a region that includes over half of the world's population recognises and responds to some of the most profound environmental challenges of today. Each episode also highlights individuals and businesses that are aware of their responsibilities to preserve the environment and utilise sustainable strategies in everyday life.

Tonight, beginning in South-Eastern China, with reporting on air quality in the Pearl River estuary, the team examine the ongoing battle against pollution across China. The episode profiles people working to build environmental awareness and reduce pollution in Hong Kong and the Guangdong Province.

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