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Where Do We All Go?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

"Where do we go when we die?" This is a question that we may never know the true answer.  Here are some thoughts/ideas as to what might be an "after life."

There are so many books regarding this subject or based around this topic.  There is also a ton of movies, songs, poems (laments) and TV shows/websites. It is hard to imagine that when you die that life is all over and the great big nothing commences. Would you really want to live forever?

Heaven or Hell?  Some are taught beliefs of the good go to heaven and the bad go to hell. That you shall be judged after your life or even possibilities of being judged within this lifetime? (Rapture, Armageddon or Judgement Day) No. We all live life to our own means and are not afraid of the end of everything. Are we?

Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mystics or Mediums have been around throughout time and claim to be able to connect to spirits that have passed over to the referred afterlife.  They have been blessed with gifts to be able to communicate with those no longer here. Surely, there could not be that many people that don't believe they have these talents with Tarot and various other methods for this not to be a possibility?

Ghosts & Spirits. There have been reporting's of ghosts and haunting documented right throughout time. From rising from the grave to popular TV shows with people getting very scared whilst running around in the dark.  Is it a very strange feeling that makes your hairs stand on your neck when feeling a presence nearby when there is nothing there?  When you die do you stay on this plain in a visible entity to some?

One thing is for sure. There is a lot of mystery and unexplained in the world. Where even the most scientific mind in the world cannot explain the theories of life after death (seeing the light and going towards it in the dark?) Magic and fantasy have all shown there to be some form of life after death.

Could it be then that when we die there is an afterlife of some kind? That we can all live the rest of our lives with no fear of passing to the other side whenever that may be? Re-incarnated perhaps in another lifetime? Who knows?

What do you think happens when we eventually die?

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