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Who The Heck Is Susan Boyle?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman
Susan Boyle
TV Show Britains got talent presenters were stumped by the audition of Scottish unknown Susan Boyle.  Watch the audition on You Tube.
Amazing, Surprising & up lifting ... call it what you will, I think that her performance is defining against odds and a good message to us all.
It is a classic case of "never judge a book by its cover" so to speak.  It looked as though it was the routine of watching someone ambitious (with a lot of heart) stroll up to the stage to try and win over the presenters. As everyone knows it is not easy winning over Simon Cowell, who is not shy with his often harsh criticism.
What pleases me about Susan Boyle and her attempt is the fact that she knew that it would be an uphill battle. Boy was she was up for the challenge! I mean, coming across the stage with everybody in the house laughing, rolling their eyes and casting her aside. All before the 47 year old had even uttered anything at all. Announcing that she was going to sing I Dreamed A Dream by Les Miserable which was never going to be an easy feat as it is an extremely difficult song to perform. But as you saw, she did it well and in her own way!
I love the message this audition gives us all. For the underdog to stand and deliver then not to be afraid of any ridicule. People may judge us before we act but if you have self belief to back yourself and give it your best shot, then you are at the peak of your powers.  Watching the faces change of the judges and the applause of the audience with the astonishing results are evidence of what Susan Boyle means to us all.
It cracks me up actually that in modern society what most of us are looking for in a singer are the next young, fashionable, good looking, hip and sexy new personality to emerge. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I am glad that a friend sent this link to me today to cheer me up. The message of getting up on the big stage and not worrying what people may think, if you suck or not? ... You just do it. I like that. Good on you Susan Boyle. You deserved three yes's!

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