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A-Z Opportunity Guide 2009

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

I had a sneaky read of someone’s C.V. the other day that was lying on the desk in the office. It belonged to a 32 year old male. His record of employment included Rafting Guide, Ski Instructor, Bungee Jumping Jump Assistant, Mountain Biking Guide, Canopy Guide, and Photographer. He’d spent 4 days in Nepal studying Ancient Thai Massage. He’d learned to fly a helicopter. He’d been on the God dam Discovery Channel. And I realised - this isn’t just a C.V… this is a life! I must be a little slow on the uptake because the literal translation of Curriculum Vitae is actually “Course of Life.” So if you’re Course of Life is stuck in a rut or looking for a little oomph, try sprucing up the paperwork with some of these amazing opportunities…After all, 2009 is the Year of the Ox so we’re going to take it by the horns.

ADVENTURERS: Looking for some out of the office experience? Try checking out to find out how you can make a living jumping out of planes. If you prefer being on the ground, but still love a good adrenaline rush, go to This website has courses and training information. You can contact the Rafting New Zealand company about River-Rescue, River Hydrology, Risk Management training, and Guide Certification up to Grade 5 Senior Guide Level. Hooters

BABES: Yes, you can make money just from looking hot! At you can read featured jobs and casting calls e.g. audition for Miss Universe 2009 and New Zealand’s Next Top Model. There is a directory of modelling agencies at and at (search “model agencies”). And if you happen to be in Australia, you can apply to be a Hooters girl at

CHEFS: There is more to being a chef than 2-minute noodles and frying up fish and chips at Terry’s Takeaways. If you want to expand your skills and impress employers why not attend an international culinary school? Check out, where you can search different schools around the world. Want to learn how to make gourmet meals in Central America? At Villas de las Aves in Costa Rica you can do just that, the price of the course can be included with your accommodation as a package deal

DO-GOODERS: There is always an organisation out there somewhere that needs help. Not only will you be doing a good deed, but you can also beef up your C.V. with some good Samaritan brownie points. Save the Children require volunteers to help with fundraising, advocacy and awareness, staffing their 33 shops around New Zealand, and collecting during the annual appeal. Phone 0800 167 168 or visit Trying to get retail experience but can’t find a job? Trade Aid has 32 stores throughout New Zealand which are staffed by both paid employees and volunteers. Check for advertised vacancies in your area at:

ENVIRONMENTALISTS: Saving the world is a fulltime job. Greenpeace advertises at: (or you can check out jobs around the world at their international website). If you enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, as well as in the environment, try getting involved with International Student Volunteers. Volunteers projects are run around the world including in New Zealand. Job opportunities with this organisation are listed at: If you want to volunteer yourself see These projects are run with an emphasis on sustainable living. Tasks include weed control, tree planting and maintenance, animal care, picking fruit, making jam, carpentry, building, and some administration jobs.

FARMING / AGRICULTURE: Build social networks within the organic farming community by taking part in events, eco-festivals, workshops, eco-courses, and farmers markets. You could even have your own stall. Learn about earth-building and permaculture. Get more information about events, locations, and dates at

G. I. JOE: In the army you are actually paid to learn, as opposed to racking up a huge student loan and living off 2-minute noodles. However you’ll have to be prepared to work hard. Many different careers are offered including carpentry, electrician, plumbing, mechanic, dentistry, educator, fire fighter, medic, and musician. You must be 17 years or older to join the army and free from criminal convictions. Find out more at Tucan Hotel

HOSPITALITY / TOURISM WORKERS: There is a backpacker Hotel in Costa Rica called the Tucan Hotel. They take in volunteers (minimum 6 month contribution) to help run the hotel, man the bar, maintain the property, deal with customers, etc. If you’re looking to travel, meet new people, and gain some invaluable work experience, this could be for you. See

INFORMATION: For super quick and easy sources of information about community, housing, jobs, gigs, services and much more, visit Not only are you instantly hooked up with what’s what in New Zealand, you can instantly access the same kind of user-friendly info from countries all around the world.

JUST JEANS, JAY JAYS & JACQUI E… If you’re into fashion check for vacancies online. Kill three birds with one stone at, where you can run searches for jobs within New Zealand or Australia at - just to name a few - Just Jeans, Jacqui E, and Jay Jay’s all at the same time.

KFC: The chances are you don’t want to work at KFC. Or Burger King or McDonalds. But sometimes a job’s a job. And the good thing about these kind of jobs is that they offer NZQA accredited qualifications. For example, after 6 months on the job at KFC you can earn the National Certificate in Hospitality Level 2. After 12 months, this can progress to Level 3, and after 14 months to Level 4. By this time you’re on the way to becoming a qualified Restaurant Manager. The same applies at Starbucks and Pizza Hut. Read more at

LAND OWNERS: If you plan on buying property for the first time this year, there is a free course you can take to educate yourself about the process. As the year of the ox is the year to outfox, then this is a good idea. To complete the program you are sent kits which you work through at your own pace. There are some assessments to complete, but you are awarded a graduation certificate for doing so. A freephone helpline is available for support throughout. Learn more about the free program or enrol at Play Music

MUSICIANS / ENTERTAINERS: Keep up to date with job and professional development opportunities (courses & education), funding, competitions, accommodation options for bands and more at There is also a link for job opportunities around the country which features radio, television, and theatre positions. Also see (described under B for Babes).

NURSING / HEALTH CARE: How far are you willing to take your career as a doctor, nurse, or care-giver? Partners in Health is an organisation focused on doing whatever it takes to help sick people, who are often living in extreme poverty. Highly coveted employment, volunteer, and internship opportunities are offered which, aside from making your C.V. look dam good, will probably change the way you see the world. See or even just make a donation.

ON THE HOUSE TRAVEL! FREE AIRFARES AROUND THE WORLD… Rustic Pathways offers travel programs for high school students, university students, families, and groups. The programs run year-round to countries in Asia, America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. They require flight leaders to accompany groups of people on their flights to international destinations. As a flight leader, you’re airfare is free, and once overseas, you can travel on your own. Check out the details and requirements at:

PHYSICAL WELLBEING: Women - If you need to update your details on the National Cervical Screening Program Register call 0800 729 729. If you are between 45-69 years old you can also make a free appointment through the BreastScreen Aotearoa Program by calling 0800 270 200. For more information see Men - Currently you reserve the right to decide whether you are screened for prostate cancer. If you want more information see

QUICK FIXES: If you need a short-term job “in the meantime” check out websites listed on the amazing: Student Job Search ( is also pretty good.

RACERS: Must go faster? Perhaps Rally Driving School will give you more skill behind the wheel. You can attend a Rally School Weekend ($1,125), Rally Experience Course ($425 2WD or $520 4WD), or a Hot Seat Thrill Ride for $180. Private one-on-one training is also available. See American Opportunities

SOUTH AMERICAN OPPORTUNITIES: In November 2008 New Zealand signed an agreement with Peru, allowing up to 100 New Zealanders aged between 18-30 to live in Peru for up to a year, working, studying, or travelling. New Zealand also has working holiday agreements with Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Uruguay. The list of requirements to apply for this visa are still in the works but should be available in a few months. See

TEACHERS: Become a qualified English Language Teacher in 4 weeks. You can choose from 35 different locations around the world to complete the TEFL program - see Depending on where in the world you go, actual teaching opportunities and salaries vary. Typically you will earn more money as a foreign language teacher in Asian countries like Korea or Japan. Another great website is

UNIVERSITY GRADUATES: Want to travel and get paid? Of course you do. Rustic Pathways are looking for Summer Program Leaders. Work in Fiji, Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, Africa, India, China, Peru, New Orleans, Mexico, or Vietnam. Perks include free international travel, free accommodation, free food, and a bit of cash on the side. Competition for these positions is obviously tough but just go for it -

VISUAL ARTS Want to go to Antarctica? Two lucky artists will be offered up to $10,000 to travel there and produce a project based on their Antarctic experience. Are you a senior or mid-career artist? A $65,000 fellowship is being made available for artists like you (jewellers, furniture makers, writers, weavers). Want to work with Native American Artists in Washington? Information about all these very special opportunities and more is available at

WRITERS: If you’ve ever dreamt of being a travel writer, why not attend a travel writing boot camp and get into it? I have done this personally and being paid for travel writing assignments. See details at

XENOPHILES: Love foreigners? Maverick Group is an organisation dedicated to guiding people into study, work, and immigration opportunities in other countries. If you want to get involved and help people who are new to New Zealand adapt to the culture and find their feet, why not contact Maverick to see what job or volunteer opportunities are available? See Get a hobby

YUPPIES: You have everything you ever wanted - good hair, a fancy email address that implies you’re very busy and important, and you smell terrific! Now all you need now is some bizarre hobby to prove just how super hip you are. At you can find out about yoga classes, events, and retreats in New Zealand and all around the world.  If you need to let off some steam after your busy important month, get to a full moon party in Thailand

ZOOLOGISTS: There is more to looking after animals than the animal itself. Consider food supply, habitat, and you’re just warming up. At you can be directed to websites where job vacancies concerning bio-security, conservation, animal shelters, and protection are listed. Not only this, but there are links to international animal job opportunities, volunteer work, and courses.

So what are you waiting for? Give something a go, and if you’re not inspired, tell me why.

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