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Golf: Mayfair’s Millions

“Billy Mayfair. Remember him? You should. He's the only person to beat Tiger Woods in a playoff in a PGA Tour event (1998 Nissan Open) and his career tour earnings (nearly $20 million) are probably enough to buy a chain of islands somewhere….”

Golf: Carl Pettersson Comfortable With Pudgy Look

“Pettersson was a consistent top-30 money winner on the PGA Tour until he decided to try to take things up a notch. He looked in the mirror and saw Mr. Pudgy. Maybe getting in better shape would help him improve his game, he reasoned.”

Golf: No Way Bubba!

Joe Durant’s actual words were, “No, absolutely not” when back in 2003, the late Gerry Watson asked Joe if he could work with his son Bubba.

Golf in Godzone: The Kiwi Who Starred At The Masters

Golf in Godzone: The Kiwi Who Starred At The Masters

The story of Kiwi, Wayne Mitchell, a 59-year-old ex-pat from Rotorua who now lives in the States is getting rave notices about his “performance” at the Masters.

Golf: Sir Nick On Tiger And His Club-Kicking

Sir Nick Faldo commenting on Tiger’s club-kicking episode at the 16th hole and other unacceptable actions at Augusta said, "I think we can officially say Tiger Woods has lost his game...and his mind."

Golf: MacKenzie, The Masters And The Missing Money

Heading his Masters’ special blog, Geoff Shackelford presents a collection of busts of famous people associated with the place and underneath the iconic portrait of Dr Alistair MacKenzie, the words, “Unpaid 80 years overdue”

Golf in Godzone: Queenstown’s Fabulous Fifth Hole

Golf in Godzone: Queenstown’s Fabulous Fifth Hole

Queenstown is most certainly the “Adventure Capital” of New Zealand and hard to beat anywhere else in the world. And now it has an adventure golf hole.

This from the Australian PGA web site.

Golf in Godzone: Encouraging Thought For Michael Campbell

“Finally. Two and a half years, 923 days, 71 tournaments (26 played), and eight major championships later, Tiger Woods is in the PGA winner's circle again.”

Golf: The Masters And The MacKenzie Myth

“The club was conceived by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. Their vision was to establish a national membership for the club. They took a $70,000 option on a 365-acre property called Fruitland Nurseries in Augusta, Ga.

Golf: More About Moe Norman

"Why You've Never Heard Of Canada's Greatest Golfer”

Robert Thompson leads off with his article about Lorne Rubenstein’s forthcoming book, Moe and Me.