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Golf: Two Turns With A Swish In The Middle

“The feeling of wanting to take the club straight back, rather than on an arc, is intuitively human, but it's the core of many faults. We think the longer we can make a straight line, the straighter the ball will go.

Golf: A Load Of (Rocket)Ballz?

“We’re advertising 17 yards because legally that’s all we’re allowed to advertise, but most times when we’ve done 1-on-1 (testing), it’s been 20 to 26 [more] yards.”

Cameron Diaz’s Answer For Improved Golf Performance

Some time back Cameron Diaz was asked why she plays golf barefooted and replied, "You're connected to the ground... You feel the earth speaking to and saying, 'A little to the left, a little to the right'.

Golf: Poor Putting – Sure-Fire Solution Or Psycho-Babble?

The story goes, “When Rory McIlroy first approached Dave Stockton for a putting lesson after a period of mediocre performances on the green, it’s reputed that the former US Ryder Cup captain and double major winner first asked him to sign his name.”

Aberdeen: A World Centre of Golf – Don’t Think So

Now why would anyone suggest that Aberdeen could become a world centre of golf? Could it be a golf tour operator seeking headlines for his Celtic Golf trips?

Golf: McIlroy’s Magical Short Game

Golf: McIlroy’s Magical Short Game

In winning the Honda Classic and becoming the world’s Number 1 it was Rory’s short game that saw him through. The young Irishman’s almost flawless swing has captured the attention of envious golfers and golf swing gurus.

Golf: Rory’s Rise To Number One – And The Reason Why He’ll Do It

“Greg Norman believes that Caroline Wozniacki holds the key to Rory McIlroy’s seemingly inevitable march towards becoming world number one.”

Golf: Tiger’s Advice to Rory

“Don’t listen to the critics who say bulking up is bad for your golf swing.”

Golf: Tiger’s Putting Post Mortem

It’s been suggested Tiger will be dead and buried if he doesn’t start buying some putts.

Golf: McIlroy Mucking Around

“It’s common opinion that Rory McIlroy has the most naturally gifted swing in the game right now. In fact, his effortless power, tempo and balance makes me want to throw my teaching pro in the lake.”