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Golf: But Is It The Ball?

“I have. I've had PGA Tour pros hit a 1990s Pinnacle. Guess what? It went just as far as a modern ball. A ball that was perfectly legal in 1995 goes just as far now.”

Golf For Men – Tennis For Women

“If you are a man, that is. For female athletes, tennis is by far more financially rewarding.” Writes Danielle Rossingh who headlines her post, “Want to make a good living in sport?...Take up golf”.

143 men and perhaps more to come

Golf: Putting For Serious Dough

“Take Brian Johnson, a 46-year-old from Fort Wayne, Ind., who was a single-digit handicapper who now exclusively focuses on putting and competes in an event on most weekends throughout the year,” writes Alex Myers whose headline reads, “How the Major Series of Putting is changin

Golf: Michael Campbell Proved It for Maori

“Michael Campbell says his drive came from his desire to prove to the world that Maoris can play golf.” As reported by Dev Trehan at Sky Sports.

Iconic Campbell

Golf: Sad About Oreti Sands

Logan Savory writes, “The Southland Golf Club and their Oreti Sands golf course are at the risk of closure if the club's finances cannot be boosted.”

Golf: A Sad Day For The ‘Old Lady’

“Whilst delighted for all the players, it’s quite sad to see the Old Course of St Andrews brought to her knees by today’s ball and equipment,” and that’s from Martin Dempster at The Scotsman reporting on a tweet sent out by Gary Player.

Golf: Wannabee Tour Pros Please Note

“A rule of thumb on most tours is you keep about 30% of what you earn after expenses and taxes”

What are the costs?

Golf: American Arrogance

“How incredibly arrogant of an American colleague to post this tweet at the end of the Presidents Cup at the weekend: “This US team is so deep/talented/cohesive they’re gonna ruin the Ryder Cup, too. 
I fear a decade+ of American blowouts.”

Golf: Get A Grip

“Big hitters like Dustin Johnson use a strong grip, and if you went to a Tour practice range, eight out of 10 holds would be strong ones. It's a sea change. Those Vs that used to point at the right side of the chest?

Golf: The Goldilocks Zone

“So clearly there is a Goldilocks zone here to be found, a balance where your golfing performance matters to you, but it doesn't matter too much. But how do you find it? Back in 1981, Timothy Gallwey wrote one of the best ever books on golfing psychology – the Inner Game of Golf.