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Golf Tips: The ‘Flamingo Drill’ for Putting and Driving

“Theories differ as to why flamingos stand on one leg.

GOLF TIPS : Getting A Handle on Hovering

"By hovering the clubhead you'll begin to feel the weight of the head. This will help you to start back at a nice, controlled pace.

Golf Tips: The Malaska Method

“So many of us are under the impression that swinging "over the top" is the worst thing that you can do.

Golf Tips: The Law Of The Draw

"The Law Of The Draw…New research reveals how to hit this shot (you'll be shocked!)"

Sean Foley's revelation at Golf Digest isn't just another one of those try this and see how it works for you tips.

Golf: Bombs Away

“Eventual victor Cameron Champ fired a 3-under-par 69 on Sunday to claim the Safeway Open title despite not finding a fairway until his 12th hole. During this time, he had four birdies and one bogey to take control of the event.

Golf: Anyone for Tennis (Rules)?

It’s been suggested that "Anybody on for a game of tennis?" has its origins in typifying a genre of drawing room comedy about the leisured upper class, but it must be said this does not include the wealthy golf superstars who leisurely take many hours to play a round of golf.

Golf: Bob’s A Bit Different

“This lad is pure box office great player and knows himself that being honest is better than old school college boy politeness and manners.. His swearing live on tv after a couple of wild shots was hilarious..

Golf: The Most Wanted Ball

“Callaway Investing $50 Million Into Its Ball Plant After MyGolfSpy Exposes Issues,” writes Geoff Shackelford comenting on, “MyGolfSpy having exposed an off-center core in a Callaway Chrome Soft and unleashing a firestorm in the equipment forums.

Golf: Best Ball Bargain – Better Believe It

Back in May 03 I wrote, "Best Golf Ball – So who’s Snell?" and now Michael Croley of Bloomberg News confirms the times, they are a’ changing when he writes, “The Disruption of the Golf Ball Market Is in Full Swing”

Golf: Slumping Jordan Spieth – A Solution?

“(Spieth) is part of a problem that is going on in golf right now, almost an epidemic of players (aged from the mid-20s to mid-30s) who just disappear off the planet”. Extract from Reuters

Brandel at his best