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Golf-Topical Tips

Golf: A Head's Up on Hogan Smoking

"His (Hogan) smoking habit is fortunate for us, because his cigarette points where he is looking throughout his swing.  The cigarette acts as a marker for where his eyes are pointing, providing insight to us that we wouldn't otherwise have."

Golf: Putting Problem Solved

"Research done in my golf club design studio shows that a putted ball performs more consistently when it is struck with approximately 4 degrees of loft. This has also been proven and concluded by other knowledgeable putter research people in the golf industry."

Golf: Softer Balls Are Better

"The majority (77 percent) of amateurs I fit are surprised to learn they don't have the necessary swing speed (105mph+) to compress the ball off the tee. So they lose distance and control with the Tour balls they see the stars using."

Golf: The "Arc" of Putting - Part 2

"Most experts agree that Ben Crenshaw is one of the very best putters and Dave Peltz one of the very best teachers. And yet their methodology is poles apart when it comes to putting.

Golf: The "Arc" Of Putting

"This next statistic is so off the-charts good that you might want to be sitting comfortably before reading it. Over the past five years, Luke Donald has had precisely 1,600 putts of three feet or less on the PGA Tour. How many has he holed? 1,599. No, that's not a misprint.

Golf: The new science of hitting a draw

"The Law Of The Draw…New research reveals how to hit this shot (you'll be shocked!)"

Golf: Doin' The Drag and Lag

"Interestingly, the drag takeaway has not been advocated for decades.

Golf: Getting A Handle On Hovering

"By hovering the clubhead you'll begin to feel the weight of the head. This will help you to start back at a nice, controlled pace. It worked for greats like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Nick Faldo, and it will work for you, too."

Golf: The Stricker Straight-Arm Pitch

"What you're about to read might seem like classified material. Until now, it has been discussed only sparingly and has gone virtually unnoticed by many of professional golf's most fervent followers."

Golf: A Heads Up On The Keep Your Head Down Theory

"Rotating your head like Annika does is an effective way to improve your ballstriking.