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Four statistics to get the over 60s active

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Recent statistics show that only 17%- of all 60+ year olds meet the recognised physical activity guidelines.

According to physiologist and movement-science group ‘Exercise Right’, we’re still not trying to get enough movement into our lives once we retire, and the following statistics might just make you sit up and take more notice.

1. Only 17% of us are getting enough physical activity We all know that there’s a need for physical activity of some sort in our retirement, and that each person’s capability can be vary according to their health, but what’s the best way to get enough activity? One proven method is to join other people of similar age who also need to exercise. This will at least make sure that you have a regular opportunity to join them in whatever level of exercise they choose, whether that’s a short walk around the block, a game of bowls, or a longer walk along a beach.

2. 70% of us are rated as obese by the medical profession Obviously physical activity helps us with our weight and fitness, but sometimes we just aren’t looking after ourselves in the kitchen. It’s hard to get motivated to eat well if we’re on our own or if we’re on a tight budget. Getting out on a regular basis will not only increase our appetite, but also create opportunities to have meals with friends, even if it’s just morning tea.

3. 20% of us have a disability A disability doesn’t need to be visible or completely debilitating to have an effect of what we can achieve during the normal course of our lives. It could be something like arthritis through to being wheelchair-bound, and so each of us needs to find our own level of physical activity that will keep us as mobile as possible to increase our fitness as much as we can.

4. Around 87% of us have a chronic condition Constant pain is always a tough hurdle to jump when it comes to staying active. We have good days and bad days, and sometimes the bad days prevent us from ever getting the exercise we need.

By being part of a group of like-minded people, their enthusiasm can wear off on us, help us overcome our own resistance and keep a regular exercise regimen. Once we start exercising, we find that it gets easier every day, and the easier it gets, the better we feel.

As much as our doctors continue to push us to exercise more, the fact is that we need people around us more often than that to help us stay active. Probus Clubs always have something that caters to all of our abilities and needs, and brings together people of similar age from our own communities in the pursuit of fun and friendship…and maybe just a little better health!

You can find out more about Probus by calling (Australia) 1300 630 488 or (New Zealand) 0800 1477 6287.

Visit to find out where your nearest Probus Club is.

-Statistics courtesy of Exercise Right

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