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Jupl Covid -19 personal tracking data is safe

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Otago University Professor and Epidemiologist Sir David Skegg appeared before Parliament's Epidemic Response Committee this morning and is calling on the Government to quarantine all people arriving in New Zealand from overseas and for a much more extensive testing and contact-tracing regime to prevent the needless death of New Zealanders from Covid-19.

Rapid case contact tracing was also needed as a "matter of urgency".

"Contacts need to be located, isolated and tested before they start infecting other people. This is a huge logistical exercise and a challenge which I don't underestimate." Said Sir David Skegg.

He noted that apps were used in South Korea and Taiwan for contact tracing, and special legislation was passed for that.

"Privacy issues should be looked at to see if apps should be used in New Zealand", said Sir Skegg.

"Many countries worldwide are looking to technology to help reduce the impact of Covid-19", said Alan Brannigan, CEO and Co-Founder of Jupl.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW advised that NSW is also looking at mobile phone tracking technology similar to what is used in Singapore to stop the spread of Covid-19. Meanwhile it has launched a user app so people can check in on the progress of the spread of Covid-19.

"However Jupl is already ahead of the curve with a telecare platform that we can be tailormade for government to manage known Covid-19 cases", said Brannigan.

The Jupl mobile phone app can help locate people, connect them with others and provide alert notifications to protect them if they are entering high-risk areas.

"We are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously," said Brannigan. "We currently monitor thousands of people across New Zealand and Australia who are a high-risk demographic. Whether they be elderly living at home, someone suffering from domestic violence or someone working remotely."

"With the Jupl platform, we can track an individual’s location in real-time, set geo-fence-based alerts such as people leaving or entering a quarantine area. Also, with regular check-in ‘are you ok?’ prompts, we can ensure that people are safe and inside their designated area."

Singapore has launched an open-source Covid-19 mobile phone app for use by the general public. However, the Jupl mobile phone app connects to a secure platform which complies with Australasian telecare and data privacy standards. Personal data is encrypted and requires the user to opt-in, approving the use of this data. This data can also be anonymised.

"One powerful feature of the Jupl platform is it conducts nationwide data analysis of all individuals’ movements and their proximity to others who subsequently are found to be infected" said Brannigan," We see this as a logical extension of our Jupl platform which is already being deployed to save lives in these difficult times. For example we are seeing a huge uptake of Jupl products in the domestic violence space following the lockdown in Australia. The ‘discrete duress’ feature in particular meets a real need here."

We are committed to helping eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic. As such we are providing a free version of the app for people who want to self-monitor, but we agree with Sir David Skegg that we need to trace and track infected people as a matter of urgent priority otherwise the general lockdown efforts may be compromised and even fail which could result in more lives lost. The Government needs to act swiftly to deploy covid -19 technology infection and quarantine tracking apps in the shortest period of time.

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