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The Flawed Guru - The Mind

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

In the trinity of the Mind, Body and Soul I will talk about each in a brief overview over the coming weeks before expanding on each of them in future posts. The first subject I'll touch on is the mind, which as I’ve stated, links in with the body and soul so closely that all three need to be in ‘working order’ for a healthy life.

What is the mind exactly? For one it’s not that little voice in your head telling you positive and negative things about yourself and others. It’s not the thing that has you day dreaming about the past or the future. It’s definitely not the thing that allows you to live a genuinely long and happy life. Your mind is a tool. Nothing more. A tool for the deeper inner consciousness, or soul if you like, to use when it needs to achieve the goals you have set in life. Even then the achieving, or non-achieving, of those goals doesn't define you and I will talk about that in the future.

The mind as most people know it, and use it, is something that dominates their lives and they can’t see the separation between it and their true self, the soul. The mind is either focused on the past in a negative or positive way, or deeply focused on the future and what it will bring, which again is either a future of fear of what’s to come, or a future of success that will finally bring them happiness. But this constant and maddening focus on the past and future brings nothing but disorder and pain to people, even if they can’t see why that would be so.

This is a short and simple overview of the mind and, like with most things in life, it's far too simple to do the complexity of it justice. But over the coming months I will touch on many subjects including getting deeper into the different issues of the mind.

Again, no questions this week, but if you do have any please e-mail me at the address below and join me on the facebook page.

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