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The Flawed Guru - Relationships Part 1

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

Relationships – Part 1

When it comes to relationships, and by this I mean intimate ones, I honestly believe that most people in the world are in them for the wrong reasons. I don’t just mean being with the wrong person but the bigger concept that they are in a ‘relationship’ overall for the wrong reasons.

To live in the moment, and to have a balanced Mind, Body and Soul, is something we need to work on all the time and can be a hard thing to keep in a constant healthy state. So making the right decision on bringing the right partner into sharing your world is the most important thing you can do as their affect can be dramatic on your balancing act. Also, even though ‘you’ have to be your main focus, at the same time you have to be conscious about your chosen partner as well and that you don’t also negatively affect their own balancing act. This is why the fundamental issue is only being in a relationship when you’re genuinely ready, they are genuinely ready, and most importantly that you’re with the right person.

So often people fill voids in their lives with things that just aren’t good for them with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work and of course relationships often at the top of those lists. Now separately all of these things can be good for you and for the people around you but, as with many things in life, if done with the wrong intentions they can be incredibly destructive. If you live a 'genuinely' happy and healthy life and life style then things you bring into it will more likely not affect you in a negative way. It’s when you start to wander off the path of consciousness that you are in danger of inviting in new aspects, which can take on a much more sinister tone and send you quickly on a downhill path.

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