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The Flawed Guru - Relationships Part 2

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

Relationships – Part 2

When looking for a partner most people are really just looking for the comfort and good feeling that comes with being with someone, which eventually turns into what they think is 'love'. But why is it that a large amount of marriages, which are of course easier to trace, end in divorce? We also have to take into account the number of people who are in bad or unhappy marriages yet stay together for various reasons. So how many people are really in long term genuine loving relationships with the person that is right for them? I honestly believe the reason society is this way is because the majority of the time people are with the wrong person, or even in some circumstances with the right person, but at a time when either both, or one of them, aren’t ready for something serious. This of course ends up causing issues and eventually the ending and souring of the relationship.

So what do we do? Simple. Focus on yourself and enjoy being single no matter how long that may be. Enjoy the freedom that comes with it and being able to focus on your own wants and needs and growing yourself into a strong person. Imagine coming into a relationship from this strong standpoint. Now imagine coming into a relationship from a wounded, hurt, angry at the world or ‘missing something in my life’ standpoint and ask yourself which is ‘honestly’ the best one? Which one would ‘honestly’ see me, them, and everyone around us happy and living a long healthy life.

Whenever you bring someone into your life to make you feel complete, to make you happy, to protect or look after you, then instantly you’re going in with the wrong mindset. Suddenly the person themself isn’t as important as the role they end up providing ‘you’. I have so often heard, from girls especially, that they are more in love with the idea of marriage than the actual person they are getting married to. If this happens with marriage, then you can bet on a large scale, with both men and women, that they will find themselves in new relationships and long term relationships with people who aren’t even consciously aware that they are with them more for what they ‘get out of the deal’ than for that actual person.

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