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The Flawed Guru - The Soul

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

What is the Soul? Well, I really don’t know what it is and even connotations around the word ‘Soul’ are not what I’m going to be talking about either. The Soul, to me, is a state of mind, or ‘no mind’ to be more exact.  A state where you’re not thinking about the past, the future or caught up in general day to day ego, but you’re just ‘being’, just existing and enjoying everything that is around you in a generally open way, and partaking in the world and the taking in of the energy that flows everywhere.

This state of calmness and openness is something everyone is able to achieve at any time and any place, but most people never stop to connect to this feeling even though they often do experience it without knowing. Those times when you see an amazing breathtaking part of nature. Those moments just after an intense workout. Those moments when listening to a piece of music that resonates deeper inside you than just normal radio songs. In those brief moments you are experiencing ’no mind’ and are linking to the deeper you, or the Soul. How good do those moments feel? How often do you wish that feeling could last longer? Well it can and it can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.

The first step into a deeper connection to the Soul is being conscious of being in the moment and taking those times to just step back from your day to day activities and see what’s around you. Feeling stressed? Take a step back. Driving your car? Take a step back. Enjoying a funny moment with friends? Take a step back. Every moment is a moment to really take in your environment and enjoy the time you’re having, even if it's a bad day, as there is still so much more to experience than the feeling you are currently having. Imagine the concept of being able to fully enjoy every moment, even during a tough situation, and you're part way to understanding how much better life can be by connecting with the Soul and living fully in the only thing that matters, this very moment.

As I’ve previously mentioned with the Mind and Body, this is just a brief overview of the Soul and I will go into it much deeper in later posts.

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