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The Flawed Guru - Technology Part 1

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

One question I hear a lot from people wanting to connect more to their spiritual side, and getting their life in balance with the Mind, Body and Soul (the trinity), is how is it possible in today’s technology filled world to lead such a balanced life? Surely it would have been easier in days gone by when life was much simpler. Well, my first response to that is that life today, especially in the western world, is much simpler than it ever was in the past.

Most of the stress and worries we have today, such as pressures at work, relationships, money and other such things, are created by us and are really fully under our control if we choose them to be. Meaning, if work is pressure filled then look for something that is more enjoyable and less stressful; if relationship worries are filling your daily existence, then be active rather than passive and either try to fix the situation or leave the relationships; and if money is causing many problems then simplify your life and cut out the extravagant fat and you will suddenly see money isn’t such an issue after all.  However, in many places in the developing world right now, people have the very real daily stress of finding food, clean water and health care, and suffer real physical violence by ego filled governments or religious groups. In the western world, on the other hand, with the way technology has progressed, we don’t generally have those sorts of daily stresses, well not in the same way as in developing nations, and we should see how liberated we truly are and how that should open us up to a much happier life.

In my opinion, technology can help in so many ways to free us up to spend more time on ourselves, our lives and the world around us. Let’s look at world issues to begin with and how technology could assist those countries in the developing world to relieve them from their basic survival stresses. I have a very big view of this and am fully aware it's not a simple answer that will solve the problems in a matter of years; in fact it could take decades for technology to solve these issues.

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