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The Flawed Guru - Technology Part 2

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

Food, Water and Health Care

Food, and the lack of it, and clean water sources have been a universal problem for the human race since the dawn of man and only now, with technology, could we find ourselves in a place where these issues will never be a problem again in every corner of the planet. Without going into the broader issues of technology, I'll just say that once the technology around cheap, efficient, and environmentally sustainable power generation advances, then the problems of food production and water will become almost irrelevant. Even the huge issue of fresh water, which is becoming the new big concern in the developed world, will be solved as salt water can be turned into fresh water, although this requires a lot of power. Power problem solved then the water problem solved.

Now, as with anything in life, things can be abused or done in the wrong way, and solving both the food and water problems of the world could be done in a way that hurts us even more, i.e. genetically modified food or adding unnecessary chemicals to the water supply in the guise of it helping our health. Again, I won’t go deep into these broader aspects but will stick to the issue at hand. So, with regard to food, once the power issue is sorted, then food production and the quality of it will become something that the world may never have to think about again. Hence technology will save us by freeing up this daily struggle and giving us more time for other things in life such as the trinity.

With future advancements of technology, again with the power problems being solved, health care would also no longer be a problem. If we had at our disposal endless sources of power then there are many issues we could solve, and health care and cures for diseases would be tightly intertwined with the advancement of technology and of power creation. There will be a day when most of the ailments that we are currently afflicted with will be a thing of the past and this will be for everyone, everywhere. Once again technology will save us, freeing up our time and energy for many other great things.

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