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The Flawed Guru - Technology Part 3

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

Violence from Oppressive Governments or Religious Groups

Violence from oppressive governments and religious groups could be a thing of the past and technology could well help in many respects with this issue. Again, it could be abused and used to oppress people even more, but those are much bigger issues which I won’t be touching on here. If used right, I think technology will help guide us, as a people, to move away from violence and oppression as we slowly progress towards an egoless filled society.

How can technology do this? The spread of knowledge has always been a key for breaking down the control of oppressive powers, just as they themselves use knowledge and information to control people. With tools like the internet, and other fast paced communication devices, the world is becoming closer and closer. There are now examples, on a daily basis, of a government’s or group’s actions being displayed for all the world to see, not only by the typical media outlets we have been getting our news from for decades, but from the people on the street spreading the news via the internet and with their hand held technology. This spread of news and information is now proving to be a very powerful tool in the fight for freedom for all types of people everywhere.

One amazing example of this spread of knowledge with today’s technology was in Colombia in February 2008, when a Facebook group called ‘One Million Voices Against FARC’, a terrorist group that had been holding the Colombian people in fear for decades, was able to organise a worldwide march, in less than a month, against FARC and had 10 million people on the street protesting against the group. FARC couldn’t ignore the march and in fact released a few hostages in direct response to the worldwide event. As recently as August 2010 one of North Korea’s official government websites, Uriminzokkiri, joined Facebook showing that even the most isolated regime in the world is seeing the effects of this spread of power to the people.

This use of technology will grow even more over the coming years, and international exposure and pressure will continue to build on these governments and groups to change their ways, with the hope too that the abusive powers they wield over their people will diminish.  Maybe, in the years to come, this constant glare of the world on their actions will cause many individual nations to act more justly and make the world a safer and freer place. However, we are still far away from this end point as nations such as Pakistan, Syria, China, Vietnam and Iran still use their own technology to block their people accessing this spread of information. Let’s hope though that as North Korea has made this first step, maybe these other nations will as well. Once again, more technology will free us.

The Flawed Guru

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