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The Flawed Guru - Technology Part 4

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The Flawed Guru
The Flawed Guru

The Flawed Guru

The Future of Technology Part 1

I have huge visions of what the future will bring and how technology will really free us as a race to push through our current ego-filled world and move into a much higher and enlightened place. Technology will eventually advance so much that not only will it affect the trinity, The Mind, Body and Spirit, but every part of our lives.

Imagine a world where a majority of the mundane jobs, often taken up by the young or unskilled, are no longer required to be done by human hands and instead are controlled by machines or robots. Farming work, manual labour, and standard retail jobs could all go the way of what’s currently happening, and been happening for a while, in the textile and factory industries. Even the higher skilled professions of medicine, finance and engineering may be replaced by highly skilled automated machines.

The advancement of technology in the medical profession could also mean the end of the whole industry as people live more naturally healthy lives, and any injury or sickness that does occur will be quickly fixed. Also, if society moves away from one based on consumerism to a more spiritual culture, then whole areas that we are so used to, like marketing and advertising industries, may also no longer be required and technology will be the catalyst for a lot of this change.

Some may see this as a scary thought because if we lose jobs then we won’t have money to live and what will we do with our lives? But in fact it’s the opposite of scary as it will open up a whole world of other opportunities. In a world where technology has made food and water abundant, the cost of producing it will be minimal, and the power itself that we use in our homes will either be free or a fraction of the cost we currently have. A world where our power and food bills are truly a tiny fraction of what we are currently used to would change things dramatically in the lives of all people. So, as this gradual change over from our current lives filled with work and bills is replaced by cheaper food and power, and as our work hours are cut back due to the implementation of machines, then we will transition into a whole new way of living where money is no longer earned so that we can survive, but instead be made to spend on much greater life affirming experiences.

The Flawed Guru

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