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Kiwi mums following Aussies on losing baby weight

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The obsession around losing baby weight is a touchy subject that can divide a room of mothers. You're seen as selfish if you do, and lazy if you don't, but behind the scenes Kiwi mums are now flocking to a free online website that's been helping shed thousands of kilos of baby weight across the ditch.

Lose Baby Weight, started in Australia in October 2010, offering time poor, busy mums a full diet and exercise plan that's safe while breastfeeding. So far it claims to have helped mums lose over 75,000 kilos in baby weight.

Now targeting the New Zealand market with the launch of a Kiwi edition of it's ebook "The Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan" Lose Baby Weight NZ has already picked up over 2,500 Kiwi Facebook fans, and everyday has a new mum following their healthy eating plan.

Lose Baby Weights' New Zealand partner, Nic McCondach, Auckland, says those on the plan are generally losing an average one kilo a week, and they're not afraid to talk about it, or the challenges and the stigma that comes in the battle to retain the pre-baby figure.

Amanda Davis (from Nelson) started the programme when her son was just seven weeks old and in eight weeks she lost eight kilos.

"This isn't another fad diet. It's educational, nutritious and easy to do. I turned every day chores into exercise. I now have lots of energy, no longer feel sluggish and feel the best that I have ever felt and most importantly my baby's better for it," says Mrs Davis.

"I've tried on a pair of shorts that I�wore before having my two babies and�I can actually do the buttons up�on them without a struggle."

Te Ani Withington, a breastfeeding mum from Blenheim has lost 3kg in three and a half weeks.

"My son is a very demanding breast feeder and at times it seemed I didn't have enough milk at times. Now my milk supply has increased really well, and he's so much better for it.

"I feel so good, my energy is through the roof, I'm running around with the kids again (and actually wanting to) and my husband has even told me a couple of times this week that I'm looking good and am starting to glow again"

Ms McCondach, brought the Aussie diet across the Tasman after struggling to lose her own baby weight. "I was fascinated that contrary to belief that new mums shouldn't be trying to lose baby weight while breastfeeding, here was a nutritional diet that was safe to use and was ideal for busy mothers."

"And while there should never be any pressure placed on a mother to lose weight, it's great to have a healthy and safe way to help them when they are ready," says Ms McCondach

A big draw card for Kiwi mothers is that the Australian Breastfeeding Association regards it as safe to use for breastfeeding mothers. Ms McCondach says the next step is to work with the equivalent organisations in New Zealand to gain the same recognition because the foods in the diet have been specifically selected to support the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers and the exercises are easy to incorporate into daily activities.

Lose Baby Weight New Zealand e-book is a 28 Day Nutrition and Exercise Plan. For a dollar a day ($28) the new program is specifically designed to provide safe and healthy weight loss methods for breastfeeding mums.

"Everything has been designed to give mums, including those who are breastfeeding, the best nutrition possible as well as helping them lose weight. The diet plans have been designed to be quick and easy to follow but are also packed with foods to help boost milk supply," says Ms McCondach.

The Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has been created by leading experts in the field of nutrition and post pregnancy exercise.

Top Tips for Losing Baby Weight

Brush your teeth after dinner. It works as a great signal to stop eating.

Try grated lemon, lime or orange zest on fruits, vegetables, fish or chicken, and experiment with herbs, spices, onions and garlic instead of fats, sugars and salt.

Turn daily tasks into exercise e.g skip around while singing nursery rhymes to your baby and do squats while making a cup of tea.

Healthy snacking eases the long stretch between lunch and dinner.

Add a slice of lemon or lime or a splash of juice for flavour with sparkling mineral water. Tomato or mixed vegetable juices are filling, nutritious and low calorie.

Smaller plates control portions. Foods take up more room and will make you think you have a larger portion than you do.

No matter what you are eating, put it on a plate. Don't sit down with a bag of chips, a box of crackers or a can of mixed nuts you're bound to overeat.

Reduce fat in homemade baked goods by replacing half the fat in the recipe with applesauce, plain yoghurt or peaches.

If you don't have enough time for 30 minutes exercise each day, break it up into two or three shorter sessions. Take a short walk at lunch, one at break time and another one after dinner.

Coffee house fanatics beware - some of those coffee drinks are low in nutrition and high in calories. Try a skinny latte, which provides a full serving of dairy and about 10 grams of protein.

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