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Movember & MENtal Health

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Now that it’s Movember we’re raising awareness for men’s health. A very worthy cause. As a single heterosexual woman, with many sexy, single, heterosexual girlfriends, I think I speak for all of us in support of looking after our men.

My Mum said that when she was a little girl, it didn’t appear to be a common belief that men experienced a wide range of emotions, just as women do. To feel insecure or have low self-esteem, to hurt when insulted, to at times want to cry, to desire nurturing or - God forbid! - a hug. What emotion did it seem ok for men to display though? Anger.

From a dating perspective, my friends and I all seem to have found ourselves in situations at least once in our lives, where we have been with what we considered “a complete psycho.” Unpleasant experiences have collectively included (but are not limited to) public humiliation, being choked, items being smashed in fits of rage, violence, threats of suicide, threats to hurt others, verbal abuse, derogatory treatment, hair pulling, etc. Although at times I have been seriously inclined to examine my personal taste in boyfriends and level of tolerance, I know from talking to many other girls that I’m not the only one who has been in such situations - we do not consider them healthy or acceptable (and neither do our big brothers). It just appears that sometimes, the men we love, even with the most beautiful, caring, loving souls, sometimes just… lose the plot.

Although we have attempted to laugh off bruised hearts by lightly joking amongst ourselves that men should undergo compulsory lessons from adolescence in self-esteem, anger management, coping skills, and career management, I’m convinced it’s not a bad idea. There are mechanisms and institutions at work which are designed to assist the modern man and promote holistic health, but I believe the education must begin in schools.

Although depression reportedly affects more women than men, as a general rule, men are thought to be unhealthier than women on the whole. The World Health Organisation states that the incidence of depression is set to keep increasing until by the year 2030, it will be “the single biggest cause for burden out of all health conditions” - including HIV-Aids and cancer.

If you can support Movember this month, either by growing a kick ass moustache, sponsoring, or offering assistance to a friend in need, it will be well worth it. Women may be encouraged to stand by their men, in sickness and in health, but the truth is, you can’t always remain at their side without losing yourself in the process. But we can sure as hell suit up and help fight for them. 

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