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New SuperBerry Available In New Zealand

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Voxy Newswire
Voxy Newswire
New SuperBerry Available In New Zealand

North of Auckland company Matakana SuperFoods, who last year Introduced the Chia seed to the New Zealand market, has launched the first release of the Maqui Berry to the New Zealand health industry.

The Maqui berry (Aristotelia Chilensis) is the latest “Super Food” to be released in the USA and UK and has created quite a buzz in the berry and health industries overseas. Dubbed “The New King Of SuperFoods” the Maqui berry has stunned health scientists and berry growers with its antioxidant score of around 95,000 u mol TE/100g - even higher than the Acai palm berry from Brazil.

Interestingly, the Maqui berry has been used for centuries by the Mapuche Indians of Patagonia in Chile as a customary food and medicine. The Indians claimed it could cure a variety of ailments (including sore throat, kidney pain, ulcers, fever, haemorrhoids, inflammation, diarrhea, lesions, migraines and scars) and produce energy for their people – one of the only tribes never to be conquered in the South American region. As with most claims by indigenous people none were scientifically proven. Since the heightened interest in Super Foods in the past five years, scientists have been taking a harder look at traditional foods that are held in high regard by native tribes and it appears they have come up trumps with the Mapuche’s Maqui berry.

The berry grows in the harsh hill country of Patagonia and packed with powerful disease-fighting Anthocyanins and other natural berry bioactives which have been studied for their ability to support the body’s natural defence against cancer. There is mounting evidence that these powerful berry bioactives may also support cardiovascular, lung, immune and musculoskeletal function , and even the way our body utilizes body fat.

Adding Maqui berry powder to a balanced diet and exercise is the latest trend in high antioxidant/natural weight control in the U.S and U.K The berry is said to taste like a cross between blueberry and cranberry, and the leaves and bark of the 3-5m shrub-like Maqui tree also have anti-viral medicinal qualities and are being studied for possible use in the pharmaceutical industry. The Maqui berry is available as a high-grade dried powder to add to smoothies and drinks and is also available in capsule form. For where to purchase Maqui, visit or contact your local Pharmacy/Health food store.

What makes a Super Berry a Super Berry?

The loose criteria for joining this club is a big ORAC score – this is the scientific rating of how powerful the antioxidant in the fruit is at cleaning up oxidizing substances which damage your cells and cause cancer, degenerative disease and premature ageing. Just think of it this way – we get loaded up with pollutants each time we take a breath of air and every time we eat food (you get the point, there are lots of them), even if you live in the country.

Back to the antioxidant score (ORAC) of Super Berries….. just a short 5 or 6 years ago the humble blueberry was hailed as the king of the ORAC scale for fruits – with a whopping ORAC score of around 5000u mol TE/100g – that was twice as much as broccoli at 2,300 and four times more than apricot at 1,100.
Then came along the Goji Berry a couple years ago with an unbelievable ORAC at 25,000. 

Since then the Acai Berry has more than doubled that to around 60,000 and this year the new King of Super Foods arrived via Chile – the amazing Maqui Berry - with an ORAC score of around 95,000 (that’s nearly 100 times the cut and polish power of an apricot!) which is the highest score of any fruit known to man…… at this stage.

Although the ORAC score is a major component of what makes a Superfood a Superfood there are also other important criteria that must be met. To be a true “royal” in SuperFoods you need to possess high rankings in the other disease-fighting substances like macro and micro- nutrients, phenolic compounds and natural phytochemicals, which are implicated in supporting the body’s natural ability to protect itself from chronic conditions such as obesity, cancer, asthma, inflammation, allergy, diabetes, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Another example of this is the Yang Mei (yumberry) from China and Japan – researches found it to contain a powerful class of antioxidants called OPC’s which help support the natural strength and resilience of blood vessels particularly in the legs leading researches to believe people who suffer with some forms of long term lower leg swelling and discomfort such as swollen ankles and varicose veins should ask their Doctor if they may benefit from including a range of food in their diet which has the OPC antioxidant present.

Not all these super foods will grow in this part of the world, Acai berry needs the tropics, but Goji and Maqui look like they could grow well in NZ and may prove to be an important new crop for NZ berry growers. Matakana Super foods has recently imported the four leading super berry powders and capsules into New Zealand for distribution though health food stores and pharmacies for where to purchase these new super foods contact.

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