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Encouraging drop in new HIV diagnoses

As Michel Sidib�, UNAIDS Executive Director, and Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, depart New Zealand, the latest figures for new HIV diagnoses have been welcomed as good news by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF).

Tauranga Hospital adolescent room nears completion

Tauranga Hospital Adolescent Lounge Almost Complete Thanks to Bayfair Shoppers and Retailers' Generosity

Blood product undergoing monitoring

CSL Biotherapies in Australia has detected traces of ethylene glycol contamination in a number of batches of albumin, a blood product used in highly specialised circumstances.

St John ambulance part charge to increase

On 1 April 2012 St John Ambulance Service patient part charges will increase.

Patient part charges vary across the country and an additional amount of between $4.00 and $19.00 will see charges increase to either $65.00 or $80.00 (from four rates varying between $46.00 and $74.00).

Pharmacy Guilds sign memorandum of understanding

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (the Guild) and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGoA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), further strengthening the well-established relationship between the organisations.

Hearing Week 2012 - Can you tell?

Hearing Week 2012 - Can you tell?

A toddler in the playground. A child walking home from school. Teenagers texting, a mother, an elderly gentleman? One in six New Zealanders has an invisible disability. Can you tell?

Hearing loss affects over 700,000 people in New Zealand, from newborn babies to the elderly.

Kiwis get opportunity to help protect against shingles

New Zealanders will soon have access to a limited supply of a vaccine to help protect against shingles, despite a global shortage of the vaccine.

Omega3 may stave off memory loss

Losing your memory? It's a common complaint from people over 50 years old. But research shows, taking Omega 3 capsules could help stave off this inevitable symptom of an aging brain.

Aust immunisation programme reduces hospitalisations

The effects of a highly contagious virus, which every year causes thousands of New Zealand children to go to hospital have been significantly reduced in Australia according to follow-up research on the roll-out of a new vaccination programme over the last four years.1-4

NZ study looks at pre-eclampsia signs

NZ study looks at pre-eclampsia signs

Canterbury Scientific has embarked on a major study that could identify high risk pre-eclampsia patients early on in pregnancy and potentially improve the prognosis and survival rate for the 3% of women and unborn babies worldwide that develop the condition.