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Worldwide recall of hip implant metal liner

A hip implant with a metal liner is being recalled in New Zealand and worldwide by its overseas manufacturer.

Smith and Nephew, a UK company, says its R3 hip implant metal liner is not performing as well as desired.

139 of the implants have been supplied to New Zealand.

Public health service can do more for patients

Public health service can do more for patients

Health Minister Tony Ryall today told attendees at the Annual Rotorua General Practice Conference and Medical Exhibition that the public health service is delivering for patients, but can do better.

Kiwi men tool up to better health

In our Kiwi "number 8 wire" culture, men's health has always been a tricky nut to crack for health promoters.

Law professor calls for changes to patient care

What makes a good doctor? Why are there bad doctors still practising and how can we protect patients, increase trust and improve medical care?

Bone Marrow transplant milestone

Today is a big day for the Waikato Hospital Haematology Department and equally big for consultant haematologist Dr Humphrey Pullon who established the transplant service there 20 years ago.

'Clap' spikes in Auckland

Yesterday's WHO announcement that gonorrhoea is becoming drug resistant echoes warnings from a cadre of organisations about an outbreak of gonorrhoea that is infecting Auckland's gay and bisexual men.

Public urged to protect families from whooping cough

In response to a large scale outbreak of whooping cough (Pertussis), Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) is urging the public to think and act to protect their families.

Funding for research on Maori nurses and smoking 'important'

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is pleased that the Health Research Council (HRC) is funding an important research project, "Maori nurses and smoking - exploring the context and opportunity for change".

$3.8m for Massey health research

Massey researchers will investigate health issues ranging from whether mobile phones raise the risk of brain cancer in children to the possibility that unpasteurised milk provides protection from asthma and allergies, after receiving $3.8 million in government funding.

Improving healthcare for inmates and whanau focus of symposium

The University of Otago, Wellington in association with Regional Public Health is to hold the first-ever New Zealand symposium on Friday 8 June focusing on health issues and barriers to care faced by people who have been imprisoned, those coming out, and their whanau.