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Road rules for gene transfer are written in DNA

A new discovery suggests that bacteria’s ability to transfer genes, like those associated with antibiotic resistance, are governed by a previously unknown set of rules that are written in the DNA of the recipient.

IHC Volunteer Programme celebrated at awards

We are delighted that the IHC Volunteer Programme has been named a winner at this year’s Minister of Health Volunteer Awards. Yesterday the programme was chosen as the joint winner of the "Community or NGO Health Service Volunteer Team Award".

ACC adds insult to injury in response to medical advisors - ASMS

"ACC has added insult to injury by planning to cut medical advisory staffing and then responding in a very cavalier way to our members’ quite reasonable requests for improvements to their collective employment agreement," says Lloyd Woods, Senior Industrial Officer at the Association of Salarie

Care of Pasifika elders under the spotlight

Pacific elders (Matua) are traditionally cared for at home by extended family who consider it a blessing, not a burden. A Massey University study will investigate how these traditions are being played out in 21st century Aotearoa amid new economic and social pressures on families.

More than $1m secured in HRC funding to reduce burden of leptospirosis

A Massey-led study has been awarded $1,199,841 from the latest Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) funding round to undertake a nationwide case-control study of the disease leptospirosis.

A certified approach to clean and green at Waitemata DHB

Environmentally-conscious staff are helping Waitemata DHB reduce its carbon footprint.

New Zealanders' exposure to environmental chemicals

New research from Massey University’s Centre for Public Health Research shows for the first time the levels of certain environmental chemicals in the New Zealand population.

A heart for dementia patients, and their carers

Lynfield resident Naomi Johnson knows what it is like to care for someone with dementia and to feel all alone in the heartache and frustration, which is why she is volunteering for this year’s Dementia Auckland’s Annual Countdown Appeal from 28 June to 1st July.

'Videogame loot boxes similar to gambling'

Adolescents playing video games that offer randomised rewards to increase competitive advantage could be being exposed to mechanisms that are psychologically similar to gambling, according to new research just published in Nature Human Behaviour.

Nurses a vital part of public health system; health bosses need to step up - ASMS

"It’s up to health bosses now to put aside their point-scoring and knuckle down to the task of reaching an agreement with nurses to avoid national strikes," says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS).