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Carol Rogers, Waikato DHB’s hero in blue on and off duty

With nasty weather and heavy rain, registered nurse Carol Rogers prepared for what she thought was going to be a standard drive from the King Country to work at Waikato Hospital.

Athlete and teddy bear trekking NZ for Diabetes Action Month

Multisport athlete and Diabetes Ambassador Emily Wilson will be running, cycling, kayaking and rafting down the length of New Zealand for Diabetes Action Month this November.

Regular exercise can improve lives for people with Parkinson's

Parkinson’s is a condition that affects more than 13,000 New Zealand and can affect anyone of any age but exercise and movement have been shown to significantly improve the lives of those who have the disease, a national exercise expert says.

Taranaki DHB urges people to D.U.M.P. medicines safely

Taranaki DHB is urging people to make their homes safer and protect the environment by taking their unwanted and expired medicines to ANY Taranaki pharmacy for FREE, environmentally-friendly disposal.

NZ scientists untangle the genetic link between obesity and diabetes

Auckland researchers have made a major leap in our understanding of the genetic basis for obesity and type 2 diabetes, and why these two conditions so often go hand in hand.

Canterbury Health System widens Celo secure messaging network

A growing number of Canterbury clinicians are embracing the digital age with the ability to safely share information between mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Weaver creates huge batch of Wahakura/Flax bassinets

An experienced weaver of traditional Māori newborn bassinets has outdone herself and woven what may be the biggest batch yet.

NZers who cycle and walk for transport more physically active - study

New Zealanders who walk and cycle for transport are much more likely to have adequate levels of physical activity than those who drive cars.

Pelvic floor weakness can be managed with the right exercises

The exercise industry is one that is known for embracing new ideas, and being at the front of change in exercise and health related issues.

November marks Diabetes Action Month in New Zealand

Tomorrow (1 November) sees the start of Diabetes Action Month in New Zealand.

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