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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Is Coming To Town

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Brian Dalley
Brian Dalley
Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki author of best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is coming to town.

Author of best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim, author of “Rich Women” fly into town early June with their entourage to dazzle us with there huge range of carefully crafted glass slippers.

Is this an attempt to rain on their parade, not all, I think they are brilliant and always have their flag flying on my website but what does disturb me is the rumblings I hear as the vultures start to stir in anticipation of the banquet that will be laid out for them.

The young, the old, and the age group that sways between the two will at times be mesmerized by their teachings as I have been at times. Once on a flight back from Hong Kong I stayed up all night reading “Rich Kid Smart Kid” I just couldn’t put it down.

On my return I gave a copy to my stepson and to my knowledge it remains unread but that’s not to say he isn’t motivated, in fact he is very motivated when it comes to what works for him, he is a flight instructor and having just turned 22, I have no problem with the book remaining in the draw and that is my point, listen to what they teach, dont try and decipherer everything on the day, just listen and take notes. Dont be dazzled by the light flicking from the glass slippers. Just like in Cinderella, the carefully crafted glass slippers will not fit everyone.

Robert is big on acquiring real estate and then using it as leverage to acquire more wealth generating opportunities which is the basic fundamental of his teaching. Purchase assets not liabilities.

Over time most of us are likely to have some liabilities and that is fine so long at the asset column, the “income producing assets” outweigh and out perform the liabilities, hence the passion Robert, Kim and I share for real estate, or rather, income producing assets.

Just when is real estate an asset, and when is it a liability?

Listen to them carefully, read their books, or alternatively give me a call and you will soon learn that Real Estate is not always in the asset column. A lesson in itself.

Back to the vultures, when I first mentioned them I was asked, Brian, how do we recognise them, are they horrible and scary, not necessarily, very rarely do they resemble the bird variety, usually they are very slick and can be seen driving around in Ferrari’s dressed in expensive designer clothes, and I am not referring to Robert or Kim Kiyosaki, they have something creditable to offer. I am referring to the so called wealth creators that take their profit upfront whilst the poor investor is left to their devices, with little or no support, hoping that the promised dream they have been sold will materialise.

Really what Robert and Kim teach is not rocket science and is largely common sense when one sits back and analysis what they say, but they do put a unique spin on it that makes one think and take action, which in turn makes the investment in what they have to offer worth while.

As their message can produce a lot of hype for those thinking of “Wealth Creation” for the first time, it is for that reason I close with the following.
Even if one of the glass slippers does fit, will it be comfortable?

Brian Dalley is a qualified NZMBA Mortgage Broker, Property Investor and former Real Estate Agent.

You can read more of his views and opinions on his website

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