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10 Eco-Driving Tips

10 Eco-Driving Tips

Transport produces some of the worst numbers in terms of carbon footprints and results in serious environmental destruction. Ironically by making different transport choices  you can reduce pollution, congestion,  improve health and fitness, save money, reduce accidents and create a more sustainable city.

Acrual car numbers outnumber drivers in America. We’re not far behind per capita with our  high numbers of cars and drivers. So given transport produces nearly a quarter of greenhouse gases what can we do individually? Here’s a list of 10 ideas.

1. Plan better - ask yourself do I really need to make this trip? Is there an alternative mode? That is what cityhop members do!

2. Could you walk? It’s amazing how much really is within walking distance of your house.  Not only will you get your errands done but you’ll be doing your body a favour. People who bike or walk more are often less stressed and happier than those who drive!

3. What about car share? Do you really need more than 1 car in your household? Could you get by with one car and get a car share membership for those trips when you really need a car? You’ll save money, see cityhop

4. Buy a cleaner car - no not less dirty - but look for a smaller engine, perhaps a hybrid, at least one with low fuel consumption.

5. What about a manual car? They use less fuel and put less pressure on the brakes which means fewer particulates going into the air and waterways, the fish will thank you!

6. Slow down! Not only does it save fuel it’s safer! Aggressive driving will only get you to your destination a few minutes quicker! Is it worth it?

7. Keep your tyres inflated to the right pressure and keep your car serviced regularly - it saves fuel and lengthens the life of your car.

8. Travel light - Do you really need to carry your golf clubs, and all the other junk in your boot?  What about your roof rack? Take it off until you need it. This will conserve fuel.

9.  Start slowly and anticipate stops - yes you might feel like a  granny but if we all did not only would the roads be safer, you won’t waste fuel or waste your brakes  which means less pollution.

10. How about going car free one day? Try the bus, the train or see if someone from your office lives nearby so you can slowly start to change your habits.

Finally, if you have to have a car buy the most fuel efficient model you can afford, practice some of the eco-driving tips, and when you can think about having a car less day!

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