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10 Last Minute Sustainable And Cheap Gifts For Christmas

10 Last Minute Sustainable And Cheap Gifts For Christmas

Don't despair, here are 10 ideas for all you last minute shoppers to show you to do care and you have been thinking – thinking about doing your bit for the Planet. Don’t just give sustainable gifts to the greenies in your life – give a present that won’t end up in a rubbish dump!. Many of the ideas below, suggested by Cityhop car share CEO and obsessive recycler, Victoria Carter, won’t break your budget either. Best of all, many of the ideas below mean you won't have to leave your house and join all the other last minute shoppers!

For those who truly do believe in recycling and high fashion have a look at the new Vivienne Westwood shoe –made out of tube seat fabric! Talk about making public transport more acceptable!

Here are ten ideas that should sort everyone on your list- from your mum to your boss!

1. For a man or teenager: package up a bowl (The Warehouse has some attractive bowls) with all the ingredients and recipe for a yummy curry or a pasta dish. Fill it with pasta, a sauce, some herbs, a wooden spoon and of course a recipe!

2. Give a magazine subscription – this is a great gift for mums – no one ever said no thanks to a women’s, interiors or gardening magazine.

3. Make your own voucher – cut out a range of concert adverts from the newspaper or of the net and invite the recipient to name their show - offer to buy one or two tickets for the recipient.

4.  For teenagers, Victoria says she knows plenty, who would be pleased to get a book of vouchers for some driving lessons or even cooking lessons!

 5. For a teenage girl get a basket and fill it with a loofah, nail file, some nail polish, varnish remover, nice soap, hair ties –things you always need but often run out of!

6. If you really are on a budget then what about buying some nice homemade soaps off trade me and putting them into cloth bags to ward off moths and keep wardrobes smelling nice. Even if you aren’t on a budget getting something thoughtful like this is always appreciated.

7 Encourage someone in your family to grow their own –buy a pot and pop a tomato and stake into it for a lasting gift.

8. Okay, so your boss might not appreciate any of the above, but they will appreciate some gourmet treats like homemade jam, relish or homemade biscuits. It shows you have taken the time, gone to some trouble and no one will even think you are on a budget. Wrap in a tea towel for added effect.

9. “ If any kids are reading this, especially mine,” says Victoria, “ there is no mum or dad that wouldn’t say thank to a car wash or horrible job to be done voucher!”

10 Lastly, a fun thing to do with your small children the night before Christmas. Mix some glitter into porridge oats and water and let your small children sprinkle it in the garden so Santa’s reindeer can have a feast when they deliver presents!



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