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5 Ways To Clean Up New Zealand

5 Ways To Clean Up New Zealand

The Keep New Zealand Beautiful with a big spring clean up week championed by many kiwi companies and individuals starts September 4 to 11.

"Shame we need a week to do to this and can’t do it all year round," says Cityhop car share founder Victoria Carter. But  she encourages people to find out more and click on the link and sign up. Get a group together and enrol. It’s a fun thing to do as a group and gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction too.
Suggests obsessive recycler, Victoria Carter, “Grab a plastic bag, some gloves and off you go. I do it most nights when I walk the dog! Suggest to your workmates that during Clean Up NZ week, you all do it for half an hour around where you work – show some pride in the places where you live and work. Tell your clients about it and  they might think it’s such a good idea - they clean up around their patch too. Your kids might be going to do something at school.
Victoria Carter often writes about her obsessive recycling compulsion in the cityhop car share and other eco-friendly ideas blog. It extends to picking up other people’s rubbish when she walks her dog. Here are her five tips to clean up!
Tip 1. If we all picked up the odd thing we saw we'd probably make those who drop it stop it and we would make everyone else think, oh it’s normal, I’ll join in too and pick up stuff/litter as they walk the kids to school or go to the shops.
Tip 2. If kids see you do this they are less likely to drop their rubbish and more likely to pick it up. Don’t forget to wash your hands! Amazing how much rubbish is from food chains - so good to see McDonalds sponsoring the clean up week!
Tip 3. Wake up supermarkets - not everyone wants more plastic at home  Good on you for charging for bags New World but hey what about the fruit and vege dept - can’t we have containers made from recyclable paper. Have a look at what the French put their tomatoes in for example.
Tip 4 Keep all your plastic bags - use them to freeze food. I use mine for kid’s school lunches and picking up the dog’s doings! I know of one enterprising child who recycles his school lunch bags when he walks the family pet!
Tip 5 Keep a recycling bag with you wherever you go - then it’s easy to say No to plastic.

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