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5 fitness tips for busy people

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Danni Vee, Body, Mind Mentor, PT and Coach shares her expert tips for fitting in fitness.

Life is hectic. Whether you’re a stay at home mum or a corporate executive, finding the time to look after your health can be challenging.

You often have more on your plate than there are hours in the day to get everything done, so how do you get enough exercise to stay fit and even lose weight?

The answer is sneaky, ninja style fitness that you can easily squeeze into the nooks and crannies of your day, plus developing mad skills as a multi-tasker, which is much easier than you might think.

Tip 1: The Stairs Are Your Friend

A super simple way to burn calories and get your heart pumping is to make the stairwell at work your favourite new hang out. Make taking the stairs instead of the lift or the escalators a permanent habit and you’ll be squeezing in a ton of great exercise without even trying. And why stop there? Take the stairs at airports, shopping centres and hotels as well. Added bonus for the girls: your calves will look amazing.

Tip 2: Re-think Your Time With Friends

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up much needed time with your friends so you can spend more time in the gym. But what if you spent time with them in a different way that would benefit all of you? Instead of calorie laden ladies lunches why not catch up with your girlfriends at a local Park Run or sign your squad up for an upcoming charity fun run. Guys, you could ditch the weekly beer fest at the pub, and talk your mates into doing regular adventure fitness events like Tough Mudder and Stampede.

Tip 3: Use your addiction to Game of Thrones to your advantage

We all have our guilty pleasures and many people find great stress relief in watching their favourite shows at the end of a long day. But Netflix doesn’t have to equal zero activity. When the commercials come on during your favourite show, don’t channel surf or get up for ice cream! Work out instead. Make a game of it and challenge yourself to see how many sit ups or push ups you can do during the ad breaks.

Tip 4: Don’t let the kids have all the fun

If you’re a mum with small children you’ve got an instant cross fit class. You can use the swing set in the back yard for chin ups, pinch your daughter’s hula hoop to work on your abs, show off your skipping rope skills from back in the day, and tell them to wait their turn for the trampoline. When you take the kids to the park, don’t sit on a bench and watch them play. Get involved. Challenging them to a game of tiggy will really get your heart rate up, and the whole family will benefit from a healthy dose of sunshine and happy hormones. If your kids are older and you’ve turned into an unpaid Uber driver, start using their soccer training to your advantage. Instead of sitting on the side lines, go for a brisk power walk around the field with the other mums.

Tip 5: The hottest trend since power naps

Heard of HIIT? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These are fast paced workouts that burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, so you don’t need to spend hours at the gym. Another benefit for the time poor is that you can do these workouts anywhere, any time and you can squeeze them into your day with as little as ten minutes to spare. This type of training swings from quick bursts of maximum effort to short periods of recovery. Think jumping jacks, squats, lunges and burpees. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.

If HITT’s not your thing, there are tons of fitness apps that make exercise possible no matter where you are. Most hotels have gyms these days, so if you’re travelling for business you can still squeeze in a daily workout, and for busy mums there are even boot camps that provide free babysitting. It’s just a matter of finding what works best for you.No matter how busy you are, if you get creative, you can still find time for fitness and fun every day.

Insta: @danniavee

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