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Report reveals what influences the way Kiwis travel

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Leading online travel site has today released the Wot’s Your Journey? Report-, uncovering truths about what influences the way Kiwis travel. From New Zealand’s unique geography, to childhood experiences, family, cultural background, passions and even four-legged furry friends, many factors make Kiwis the travellers they are today.

Blame your parents - the itch to travel is inherent

From road trips, to camping, to summer by the beach, 40% of Kiwis say their parents instilled a love of travel in them as a child. 66% of Kiwi travellers have positive memories of childhood holidays, despite being largely penny-pinching, no-frills jaunts (62%), with only 19% of adults having the opportunity to travel overseas often as a child. Managing Director, Daniel Finch says: "With so many reasons to travel, it’s interesting to see the nostalgia of the good old fashioned family getaway is one of the strongest influences. Our research shows 8 in 10 parents believe holidays are a great way to treat their children and with so many unique experiences and geographic wonders within Kiwi borders, you really don’t need to travel too far to do so."

Exploring our passions

From foodie breaks in Hawke’s Bay to trekking the national parks of Hawaii, the pursuit of passions played a role in the most recent trip for 38% of travellers. Nature and wildlife (27%) topped the list of passions influencing travel destinations, followed by food (26%) and history (18%).

Although New Zealand is known as the adrenalin capital of the world, only 16% of Kiwi travellers claim to be passionate about adventure activities. However, for the adrenalin-addicted minority, thrill-seeking has impacted a past choice of holiday destination and/or holiday type for nearly 8 in 10 (79%).

Kiwis may be avid travellers, however leaving their furry friends at home is one of the biggest holiday challenges. Overall, of those with pets, 34% are inclined to take shorter breaks, or holiday less (39%) to spend more time at home with their pint-sized friends.

Forget souvenirs for the family, 11% of pet owners opt to buy gifts for their pets when on holiday. While technology is bringing some relief to pet-owning travellers, with 4% Skyping or Facetiming their pets back home, while 3% can’t bear to part with their pets and admit to having ‘smuggled’ them somewhere they shouldn’t.

Exploring heritage

New Zealand is a multicultural nation, and family heritage plays a role in shaping where Kiwis travel with two out of three of those with migrant ties (68%) making trips back to their country or countries of origin - most often the United Kingdom (56%).

National pride and family ties also plays a part, motivating 21% of travellers, who believe it’s important to visit destinations and wartime sites where New Zealand servicemen fought.

For those that prefer to stay close to home, more than half of Kiwis (55%) think it’s important to travel domestically to support farmers, producers, artists, craftspeople and the local economy.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Surrounded by the Pacific, New Zealand is distanced from the rest of the world - but that doesn’t mean Kiwis like to be isolated. Half of New Zealand travellers (50%) agree that it is important to travel overseas to feel more connected to the rest of the world, and despite a passion for local travel, 59% of domestic travellers have also ventured overseas in the past two years.

Not surprisingly, trips across the ditch to visit Australia are the most common (36% of travellers). However competitive airfares and more direct routes have no doubt contributed to South East Asia being the second most common holiday hot spot in the past two years (13%), followed by the Pacific Islands (12%) and the Americas (10%).

Work-a-holidays: Business travel and escaping the stress of work

One in three people (31%) travelled for work in the past two years. For 47% of these people, travelling for work provides them with inspiration and opportunities for leisure holidays. However, interestingly almost one in five (20%) say they prefer to keep holidays local because of all the work-related travel.

Kiwis look at holidays as a way to escape the stress of everyday life. Almost half of recent trips (46%) were more about ‘slowing down and recharging’ rather than ‘filling my holiday with activities’ (28%). Females (40%) and those under 40 (44%) are the most likely to be prompted to travel due to feeling overworked or stressed. Most Kiwi travellers (87%) look at holidays as an opportunity to disconnect and 75% see holidays as a time to recharge.

Life right now: the wider world

What's going in our lives, and in the wider world will continue to affect Kiwis choice of destination. Environmental factors like climate change feature in the thinking of over two in five people (41%) who feel a sense of urgency to visit places such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Maldives and Antarctica.

While the cost of living is a real issue for many, it won’t stop Kiwis from following their inner-travel-bug. Instead, they’ll be more hungry for bargains and better value for money, with three quarters (76%) of New Zealand travellers admitting that the rising cost of living will impact their destination choices in the next five years.

The Wot’s Your Journey? Report highlights Kiwis overall love for travel. From travelling to feel more connected to the world to exploring passions and heritage, Kiwis enjoy travelling with their family and friends and see holidays as a way to unwind from the pressures of everyday life. With 2018 fast-approaching it’s time to think about your next travel journey and visit

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