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NZer's novel attracts notice of CBS TV and US Public Libraries

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Former veteran political journalist Alastair Carthew’s first fiction book "Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness" due for formal release on on 22 March, has attracted the notice of US television giant CBS and more than 2000 American public libraries.

CBS acknowledged it had seen Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness on sale via a media release distributed by the US-based company LibraryBub, which promotes independent and small press books to thousands of American libraries and foreign rights agents.

Commented Mr Carthew: "This is tremendously encouraging news about Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness attracting the attention of CBS and the US libraries. I hope it can expose American readers and New Zealanders - whether at home or ex-pat - to a good, rollicking, Kiwi yarn as a welcome relief from their daily lives."

For its launch, for 24 hours on 22 March, the 400+ page Kindle ebook edition of Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness will initially be available on at a special price of US$0.99, and will increase by $1.00/day for the next 3 days. The paperback edition is US$19.99c+postage.

The novel will have the most appeal for readers with a sense of recent New Zealand history and a love of absurd, fast-paced adventure in the South Pacific.

" The fictitious plot and ludicrous characters somehow capture the social and political issues of the last three decades of the 20th Century through satire and parody. Baby boomers should really relate to this book," according to the author.

He added: "Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness will appeal to those of a conservative nature, an eye for the politically incorrect, a sense of adventure, a large dose of satire, and importantly, a love of a good and entertaining yarn to relax with. Serious contemporary issues-and even sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll--all rear their heads."

The book’s editor and publisher, Judith Sansweet added: "Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness definitely breaks the typical mould of a dark, worthy, slow-moving, politically-correct, New Zealand novel. It has a healthy touch of irreverence seldom seen in the work of Kiwi writers."

The Story in Brief

Proud (formerly New Zealand), faces a climate-change-induced power crisis. The country’s iconic beautiful scenery is wilting as the snow disappears from its glaciers and mountains. A bumbling left-wing government - led by a cocaine-sniffing woman prime minister - dithers. The hero, Kid, a political journalist and his Merino sheep sidekick, Ram, are sucked into a vortex of Machiavellian politics. Proud’s MMP electoral system proves hopeless. An array of colourful characters emerge. An old Maori man and a mysterious, rare, white tui hold a lethal key; a crazy scientist is intent on vengeance; a bellicose Australia and the USA both threaten. Gumboots are thrown, magic potions brew, venal politicians scheme, spies spy, mercenaries, terrorists, and prostitutes roam the streets of the capital, Hubris, (formerly Wellington), and in a typical Proudean rural town, momentous events play out.

Some Reviews of Proud:

"Proud, A tale of rampant ludicrousness, will appeal to blokes, political animals, and the open-minded." Andrea Sutherland, Feilding, NZ.

"It is political satire, a parody with LOL humour, sex, social commentary, and the disconnect between town and country. Well worth a read." Rex Warwood, journalist and author, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Readers with an affinity for politics in the last 25 years will recognise many of the events, characters, and scandals with a wry smile, if not a belly laugh. An interesting take on God’s own." K. Thompson, lawyer, Wellington, NZ.

"Mr Carthew has delivered a saga of infidelity, deceit, lust, luck, and dynamic, fertile, knockabout energy. A great holiday read." Dave Mahoney, Journalist, Palmerston North, NZ.


Kindle ebook: US$4.99 Launch special 24-hours on 22 March US$0.99; 23 March, US$1.99; 24 March, US$2.99; thereafter, US$4.99.

Paperback (400+ pages, 6in.X9in.) US$19.99 + postage.

ASIN: 0995114927

ISBN: 978-0-9951149-2-0

To purchase, go to: Amazon will guide you through the process.

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