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Wakes up to the blaring alarm, gets up, grabs a coffee and thinks about whether to wear the great skirt she bought at the weekend, whilst chasing the kids to get ready for school and making lunches. She decides against wearing the new skirt as her boss called her a cougar for days the last time she wore a fitted skirt.

She drops the kids off at school and tries to fix her make-up as best she can, careful to make sure she is not giving the wrong signals by being too attractive or sexy.

The driving rain brings traffic to a crawl, making her later than usual, which in turn means she can’t find a bloody car park in the usual place which she knows is safe so ends up parking in the stinking multi-story across town and then drives up and around until finding a space in a well-lit spot close to the lift, always subconsciously thinking about safety and "what if".

After running through the rain she finally gets to work, changes from her flats to work heels trying to find the balance between the polished woman in business image and not being seen as "slutty" which she has been called before.

She spends the morning jumping from one meeting to another and relieved to get away from Kevin who seems to think it’s ok to keep putting his hand on her leg, ends up eating lunch at her desk again for 5 minutes of peace.

The rest of the day is a whirlwind of emails, meetings, and the customary unwanted messages and innuendo from other employees in the office.

As she prepares to leave work changes back into the comfy flats and hurries out of the building into the dark constantly scanning around her to make sure she is alone with the car key in hand poking between her fingers to use as a stabbing weapon should she need it, she feels relief that the rain has stopped.

On reaching the car park she’s about to dash into the lift but she changes her mind at the last minute and takes the stairs.

Stinking like a public urinal she holds her breath rather than share a lift with a couple of guys giving off a weird vibe.

Thankful to get in the car and lock the door and be on her way, she realises she needs to stop for petrol. Fretful about being late to pick up the kids she forgets to lock the car when going in to pay but remembers on getting back to the car to check the back seat to be sure no one slipped in when not looking.

Her heart lifts as she picks up kids from after-school clubs and listens to their stories about the day. Sadly she hears similar stories to her upbringing from her eldest daughter and she tries to build her confidence and give her the tools she needs to survive as a young woman.

She arrives home to a cooked dinner, for which she’s extremely grateful even if it was higher in calories than she would have liked.

Unfortunately, this is what most women have to deal with every day, stressed, always on the alert, constantly making sure they are not ‘attracting’ unwanted attention. Not only do they need to think about how to perform every action but also how those actions will be perceived and acted on by others.

Most women live with fear...every single day!

We are here to make a difference and empower women to be safe, confident and live without constant stress and worry.

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