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Recruiter lists top ten job skills needed in 2020

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

With today’s AI-enabled, information-rich tools changing how we work, the human factor has never been more important in the workplace. Leading New Zealand recruitment agency, Frog Recruitment, is at the coal face of the future of work and has identified the top ten soft skills needed for 2020.

"The soft skills needed to succeed in business, regardless of industry, are constantly evolving, which means that the skills required to secure a fantastic job in 2015 are not the same skills needed to succeed in 2020," says Frog CEO Jane Kennelly.

From the agency’s research and matchmaking of thousands of New Zealand employers with talent, Kennelly says there are 10 key skills people will need to develop and hone if they are to succeed in the new world of work.

"Critically, adapting to new technology and managing more remote workers means we have to be increasingly nimble thinkers and better communicators than ever before.

"We are filling jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago; job titles like Innovation Manager, Data Insight Analyst and Customer Experience Manager are in demand. And existing roles, like an Executive Assistant’s have evolved significantly over the past 10 years to embody new and essential skills to support their teams and the technology they use. By widening your repertoire of skills to be relevant to workplaces in 2020 and beyond, you are safe guarding your future career."

Frog Recruitment’s Top 10 skills needed for the workplace in 2020:

1. Complex problem solving

Handling significant problems and issues and figuring out how to solve them without breaking into a sweat.

2. Critical thinking

Approaching new technology critically and being able to adapt is a coveted skill for navigating future of work. Employers are seeking people who are effective thinkers and ask the right questions while questioning assumptions.

3. Creativity

Building inspirational rituals, finding creative inspirations, having fun and building networks.

4. People management

Leading people with open communication, fairness and emotional intelligence will glean the best results from your team.

5. Co-ordinating with others

Working well with others and adopting a collaborative mind set ensures inclusion and leads to more cohesive executions.

6. Emotional intelligence

Judging your own moods and needs, as well as being responsive to the needs of others. Staying cool, managing stress and being assertive.

7. Judgement and decision making

Being confident in decision making, and ensuring those decisions are solid and well thought out.

8. Service orientation

This is a top priority for businesses that need people focused on providing high levels of customer service. Consistent service performance secures customer and client loyalty.

9. Negotiation

Negotiation suggests a willingness to compromise and bring around solutions that work for all parties. The ability to prepare and think clearly under pressure while expressing persuasive thoughts clearly is key.

10. Cognitive flexibility

The mental ability to face new and unexpected conditions in your environment will keep your business nimble and resilient to rapid change.

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