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Boxing-influenced training UBX launches in New Zealand

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"Training and keeping fit isn't just about how you look, it's also about how you feel and how you can inspire others to feel. Ask a UBX'er why they train and they'll tell you, it's for their family, or it's for their future, or it's for their mental health... everyone's fighting for something." Edrianne Javier, Head of Marketing and PR for UBX.

Introducing UBX (pronounced You-Box’) - the fastest growing boxing and strength concept in the world, now launching in NZ with the first club opening this September in Bayfair, Mt Maunganui.

Our purpose at UBX is to deliver a sense of community, camaraderie and belonging (the most attractive aspects of sports) and combine these elements with convenience, accessibility, expert support and intelligent programming.

We are changing the way in which the world views a fighter. No longer is the feeling of being a fighter reserved for those who step into a ring. UBX allows the everyday person to train like a pro and encourages them to seek purpose behind what drives them. Our members adopt a "winning mindset"; they begin to look, feel and think like a boxer, and develop the strength, confidence and discipline of a true fighter.


Our workouts replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout; there are 12 x 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between. Each workout is completed in under 45 minutes which is the optimal duration for high-intensity training, maintaining the right balance between effort and results.

UBX training methods have been designed to maximise results. We deliver a functional and highly varied strength program, progressing through sports-specific training cycles that are guaranteed to get you in fighting shape. Our movements are athletic - so you train like a professional boxer, without actually having to be one!


No fixed class times (start anytime)

Performance coach in every session

Suitable for all fitness levels

Boxing-inspired workouts - authentic boxing skill development

Science-based training - programs change daily and are written by an in-house team of sports scientist

Strength-focused - incorporate strength and conditioning

Sport-based - training phases are the same as a pro athlete

Team culture / camaraderie / friendly competition


Our Coaches are an integral part of the UBX experience, offering support, education and guidance to our members. They are highly trained in the skill of boxing to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop your skills through one-on-one padwork each and every workout. Each day, our coaches are on the floor helping you to optimise your technique and get the most out of every session.


Innovation is central to our ethos; our team of sports scientists ensures that the most up to date and proven training methods are incorporated into the training cycles as they would be for a professional athlete.

UBX has a 7-week training cycle with 4 distinct phases designed to run continuously allowing members to start at any time throughout.

This intelligent programming taps into both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems to deliver a full-body functional strength program in every workout. This powerful combo can burn up to 750 calories or more in a single bout.

The uber dynamic intervals build superior fitness, and the stamina to overcome fatigue, making your rounds feel shorter and rest periods longer.


The 12 Round Group continues to be on target to achieve their goal of becoming the largest boxing provider of all time with the launch of UBX Training, the international counterpart of Australian brand, 12RND Fitness. The strategic decision to introduce the UBX brand has allowed the 12 Round Group to secure trademark in all major countries without restriction, and ensure that initial entry points offer the greatest opportunity for global success. This year, UBX will launch in the US, UK, Singapore and NZ, with the first club due to open in Bayfair, Mount Maunganui this September.

The business has a number of territories now sold in the Tauranga region and welcomes further interest throughout the country to prospective franchises who want to be a part of their prolific growth.

Tim West, the Managing Director of UBX Training has been involved in a number of successful fitness businesses, whether it be launching or investing into their growth and development.

He began the original brand, 12RND Fitness after identifying a gap in the market for a form of fitness that was sports-oriented, which allowed members to work in a group-fitness setting and focus on skill-development for motivation, where the physical transformations were an additional benefit.

Once the concept was clearly defined by its boxing point of difference, Danny Green, four-time world boxing champion and professional acquaintance of Tim's, quickly got involved to promote the brand on an international platform.

Registrations for the first club opening in Bayfair, Mt Maunganui, are being accepted now! Please note all Foundation Memberships have already sold out.

Become a Foundation member as soon as a club near you opens, and secure the lowest membership pricing possible. Follow UBX NZ on Facebook or Instagram to be updated on opening announcements, or visit for more.

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