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Adulttoymegastore endorses polyamorous, sexually fluid bird with big testicles for Bird of the Year

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Adulttoymegastore endorses polyamorous, sexually fluid bird with big testicles for Bird of the Year

Adulttoymegastore is getting political. We are proud to endorse The Hihi for Bird of the Year 2020. Hihi lead the sex positivity movement among songbirds and for that we salute them and say to you: VOTE HIHI.

Hihi are a medium-sized forest species that is one of New Zealand’s rarest birds. They are the only bird in the world to mate face to face. Male and female Hihi practice consensual polyamory which is rare.

Male Hihi have testicles four times larger than they should be making them, by size, the largest testicles on a bird in the world! Hihi big bois need to produce large amounts of sperm to dilute that of other males so that’s why their balls are bigger than their brains. How could you not vote for them?

They’re also sexually fluid which makes them beautiful inside and out. Also known as Stitchbirds they’re recognisable by quick flight and movement (they flutter like the pulsating pleasure waves of the Satisfyer Pro 2).

They have a curved bill and a long tongue that is used to reach deeply into flowers to brush nectar to eat (yeah, we went there!)

Based in Wellington, shipping world-wide, Adulttoymegastore is New Zealand’s largest adult toy store. We are proud to back Hihi in the Bird of the Year election.

Head of Customer Satisfaction Emma Hewitt says Hihi should be honoured for their role in the sexual revolution.

"We can all learn a lot from Hihi about being sexually open and liberated. You don’t need to have enormous testicles to enjoy your sex life and embrace sexual freedom. Every one of us can channel the Hihi and open ourselves up to new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. We were thrilled to see the male Hihi sporting our nipple clamps and female Hihi wielding our signature riding crop. Be like the Hihi and try something new!"

Save Hihi from extinction: VOTE HIHI: #zittzit #TeamHihi

Save your sex life from extinction: SHOP ATMS: #LoveATMS

Team Hihi Facebook page:

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