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Survey finds eating meat associated with 'manliness' - Vegan Society

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The results from the latest survey of Kiwi men show that they are more concerned with appearing macho, than the health of themselves or the planet! It seems New Zealand men would rather die younger and take the planet with them, than stop eating meat. The unsurprising results show there are still a lot of outdated attitudes amongst people. Taking care of our planet is the new macho thing to do, and that means saying no to meat.

A recent survey commissioned by the not-for-profit No Meat May, showed that:

More than half of New Zealanders still associate eating meat with ‘manliness’

69% of New Zealand men surveyed would rather die younger than give up meat

Across the board, men were less likely to give up eating meat or animal products for every reason listed in the survey when compared to women, including improving their health, living longer, helping the environment, or reducing their chances of developing certain cancers.

25% of New Zealand men said they would never give up meat or animal products for any reason compared to 18% of women.

38% of men believe humans are meant to eat meat compared to a quarter of women.

87% of men surveyed consider themselves someone who cares about the environment, yet when asked whether they would give up meat if it meant would reduce their impact on the environment, 74% said ‘no’.

46% New Zealand men surveyed are interested in reducing their meat consumption, compared to 58% of women.

Whilst meat has traditionally been perceived as being macho and necessary for human growth and health, the science over many years has conclusively proven otherwise. Higher meat intake is strongly associated with increased heart and stroke disease, diabetes, cancers, especially bowel cancer, and many other of our main Western diseases.

"The macho question is firmly put to rest too; increased saturated fat (found even in lean meat) and other inflammatory constituents of meat contribute to clogged arteries which is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. This is something I see very often in my work with middle and older age men. Plant based diets contain numerous anti inflammatory and artery opening compounds which prevent this." Dr Mark Craig of Doctors for Nutrition said.

Farmed animals, who are where most of NZ’s meat comes from, have much higher saturated fat levels than the wild animals which we evolved to eat. Thus they contribute to our terrible chronic disease problem. You can get all your protein and nutrients such as iron and calcium from the same places that our largest animals get it - plant based foods such as pulses, whole grains foods (oats, rice), starchy and non starchy veggies and fruits.

There needs to be a big change in the mindset of many if we are to become healthier and look after our planet successfully.

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