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Ensuring your pet has a Merry Christmas too - Tararua District Council

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Fuseworks Media

Pretty soon many of us will be heading away on holiday. While most owners love their pets and will do everything to ensure they are well cared for while they are away, sadly some don’t, inflicting unnecessary suffering to those that they own.

Dogs in particular can become highly stressed with a change in routine, or if left even for a few hours alone.

Unfortunately, each year we hear about dogs found wandering, or left tied up without access to food and water while their owners are away. In addition, it’s also a time of year when fireworks can often be heard going off and thunderstorms are more common. For many pets this can be terrifying and can cause additional stress they have to deal with. Please make sure your pets are indoors where they are safe until the noise has stopped.

If you are going away, please book your dog into a boarding kennel, or have someone stay in your home to care for them. If you have a cat or other animals, please make sure you have someone who can either be there with them while you’re away, or who will call in and feed them each day.

Many people will take their dogs with them on holiday and this definitely helps ease any stress, but do remember to make sure your dog is registered and microchipped. If a dog gets lost, a microchip ensures the owner can be found. When travelling with pets, please remember to never leave dogs unattended in a hot car, not even to quickly dash into a store. This can be incredibly dangerous and even lethal.

Pets are not present’s, or a new toy or something to play with. In reality, pets require a great of care, cost money, and can eat up a lot of your time. If you, or the person you are gifting the pet to, are not fully committed to take the time to properly train and care for the pet, then look for another present.

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