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Another Day, Another Druggie Bloodbath

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd
Drugs, just fun and games right?

About a week ago, a 29 year old woman from my community was sent home in a body bag after being shot in the head by men who broke into the hostel where she was sleeping. They wanted her laptop, which so the sad story goes, she was holding when they shot her. Her boyfriend of two years, who had never met her parents, rang them to explain what had happened to their irreplaceable daughter. And so ended her overseas experience. They probably sold the laptop for a couple hundred bucks.

A tragedy could happen to anyone, and it always does. A drunk driver, a stray bullet. A mine explosion or an earthquake... But when the violent crime, like so many of similar natures, is related to the drug trade, then I really wonder… how is it, that after all this time, people still think drugs are cool?

I get it. You’re in New Zealand. That little tucked away island, hiding at the bottom of the earth, that half the world thinks is located somewhere in Europe. Shocked by everything, desensitized to nothing. You’re at a club. Summer of 69 is playing by Brian Adams. Or a Lady Gaga dance re-mix. You’re feeling fine. What better way to feel part of the sophisticated global community than to do a few lines of coke? (Provided you can source it - cocaine was always considered a special treat by my old druggie friends, who were bored with just speed and acid and weed and alcohol and mushrooms and that weird gas you inhale and ecstasy and P. Jokingly laced with rat poison. Or were they joking?) So why not swank it up a notch with a few bumps? Just fun and games. Go powder your nose.

You don’t get it.

If you do want to feel part of the sophisticated global community, in which people party and snort “just recreationally” then there are many towns around the globe you can trot to and do just that. However you’ll have to lock your doors at night. Make sure no one poisons your dog or gases you at night while you’re sleeping, so you don’t wake up. You’ll have to walk past posters, seeking information on an elderly couple that went missing. You’ll hear stories about people you know, tied up in their homes, held at gunpoint and robbed. Such busy, busy movement occurring in the shadows, fuelled by the demand for drugs could affect you too. Even if you’re against them. Because nobody that focused and desperate asks for a urine sample to prove your clean before they determine whether or not to blow your brains out.

You may not attend the funeral of the girl from my community, who used to exercise on the beach in the mornings. You probably won’t shed any tears over her loss. But did you know, that all things in the world are interconnected? Your demand, as a casual, recreational, white collar, drug user, or even your habit, affects the greedy ruthless drive to supply for more money, money, money. Not just cocaine, but all illicit drugs.

Anyone involved with drugs should be ashamed. How many innocent people have been murdered here? How many families have been destroyed? How many have been victims of robbery and violence? Just because your selfish desire to get high or make money selling continues to fuel this violent trade and its sick problems. Drug users - I don’t care what you’re taking or if you’re in Columbia or New Zealand. The blood is actually on your hands.


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