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Bikers Needs More Infrastructure

Bikers Needs More Infrastructure

I have been reading all the debate on whether the Harbour Bridge should have a cycling lane. What staggers me is why it needs to cost so much! And why are we still debating it!

Why does anything  that councils get involved with end up costing so much? Come on a creative engineer and builder- tell us how we could do it more simply.

It is something vital to create a gateway for people who want to car less. Many cityhop members bike instead of using a car and when they need wheels they use their swipe card to get a cityhop car.

Today, Terrapass has an interesting piece on why more Americans don’t bike. It’s becasue of a lack of infrastructure. The writer analyses cities all over the world that have great bikeways and guess what, people use them instead of cars!

 A chap in Berlin  says his 7 mile bike journey consistently takes 20 minutes compared with a car journey that ranges from 25 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. In Japan they have amazing bike garages that with a swipe card will deliver your bike back to you. Check out the website to see how incredible this system is.

Says Terrapass, “All over the world, the story repeats itself. England has very similar land use patterns and transportation policies to America, and the cycling rate is likewise fairly abysmal. But a combination of infrastructure investment and congestion pricing caused ridership in London to jump 25% in a year.

“Bogotá imported some Dutch engineers to redesign traffic flows and improve infrastructure. Cycling jumped ten-fold in two years.

“Even Portland, Oregon, America’s bicycle commuting capital, is a relatively recent and somewhat unlikely success story. Neither the city’s density nor its weather suggests that it should have the highest cycling rates in the country. Nevertheless, policies designed to encourage riding have boosted cycle trips 400% since 1991.”

So come on Councils, if we are serious about reducing congestion and getting cars off the road then make it easier for peolple to move about. Make the streets safer, get more bike ways. Don’t expect cyclists to share bus lanes with huge buses! Be realistic. Give it a go and find out what do we need more of?

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